Protecting your Electronics from the Extreme Summer Heat

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Humans are not the only victims of summer heat that needs refreshments but your pets, gadgets and appliances as well. For them to work at its best and last long, it needs to be kept cool and dry. However, during the extreme summer heat, your electronics can be harmed and damaged if proper and wise precautions are not performed. Here are some tips to protect your electronics from summer heat.

1. Keep them out of direct heat and sunlight.

Leaving your gadgets such as cell phones, cameras, tablets and laptops out in the sunlight may harm the screen, battery, memory and such other parts. However, it is impossible to not take them out in the sun as well. Given this situation, it is advised to have them kept under a shade or cover them. Other electronic equipment like television and computers should also be kept away from prolonged exposure to heat for they may suffer damages such as in circuitry.

2. Do not leave them in a hot car.

Leaving your electronics in your car when it’s hot outside can destroy them as the temperature inside gets hotter from the heat outside. If they must be stored and left in the car, make sure to keep them under a light colored towel or in a casing and may also be kept in the trunk. But nonetheless, it is still better to not leave them in an enclosed hot place.

3. Separate them from one another.

Compressing them together in a small place will only intensify the hot temperature as each of them is already conducting heat on its own. Thus, they must be separated so that more air can circulate around and cool them off.

4. Take regular maintenance.

Your electronics must be able to breathe and ventilate and this can be achieved by checking and cleaning them regularly. Have them serviced or repaired as well if they are not working properly. Ensure that the vent is not blocked with the fan working well for the heat generated to escape. Some electronics such as desktop computers and laptops have internal fans to blow the heat away and keep them cool inside. If the fan is broken and if there is too much dust covering the ventilation path, the heat inside the electronic equipment will add up and accumulate to cause malfunction and overheat.

5. Avoid drastic transition between extreme temperatures.too hot too cold

Rapid transition of temperature can entail harm to your device or equipment. If your electronics are exposed in heat for a long time, allow them to cool down first before taking them in a colder place.


By following these simple preventative measures, your electronics can be safe from intense heat. Treat them as if it were you and make them happy even during summer. Take care of them and be their friendly companion so that they can survive longer and perform better.

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