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Nowadays, safety is not just something we want, but definitely something we need. In this world there are many kinds of danger. It is very unfortunate that there are a lot of bad seeds out there, and we cannot control them. What’s worse is that we cannot even tell who has an agenda and who is innocent.

Our families, our pets, our belongings, these are the things we want to be secured about. But it would not be good for us if we choose to stay home all day, everyday. Of course, we have our jobs, school works or business to attend to. We cannot always keep an eye on our homes, where all our possessions are supposedly kept safe. All the more, we cannot stay up throughout the night to make sure no burglars enter our homes.

 It is a good thing that Meiji Electric Philippines released their very own Infrared Motion Sensor. It is like having a security guard and a guard dogs both on duty. This sensor has 3 types:

infrared motion sensors


As indicated in its type, this sensor is placed on a wall in a certain room, or in your dark hallways. It comes with 3 options you can choose to have the sensor work: On, Off and Auto. Very simply, it works as how you think it does. Turning it On means the light will be turned on with or without the presence of light less than 20 Luminance. When it’s off, of course it is turned off. And lastly, the Auto option will make the sensor light up on less than 20 Luminance and if there is motion detected.

Ceiling Type

This type of sensor is best placed in covered rooms, doorways or garage. It can reach to about 6 meters and in a 360 degree angle. This works during day and night and has a light detection of 3-2000 Luminance, but it still depends on how you want it.

Fixture Sensor Type

Now, this type is something you can place in any part or object in your home. It can even go into your lamp. This basically offers protection, as it also works during daytime and night, and has a 100 by 360 degrees detection angle. It has a distance of 6 meters, like the ceiling type.

It is good to know that anywhere you are at anytime, your family and your belongings at home (or even at work) are safe and sound. Forget the hassle and too much energy you consume and making sure your home is at peace by having a Meiji Infrared Motion Sensor!

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    Can you please send me all your motion sensor product with there prices?

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    can i ask also for the SRP thank you

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    Can I have the DATA Sheet please

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