Prevent Electric Shocks Before They Happen

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When using home appliances, especially while doing household chores, one cannot simply notice broken wires.

While in use of a certain electronic or electrical device in wet places like kitchen, bathrooms and laundry areas, there is a big chance that your device will get wet and may cause the flow of electricity to pass through you which can be fatal.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) are devices designed to protect you during unexpected electric shock or ground that frequently happens at home.

The Meiji GFCI

The Meiji GFCI (MGF250) can monitor the currents imbalance that an appliance consumes. In an event of an imbalance like a ground fault, it will trip automatically to stop the current and prevent serious damages.

Meiji MGF250 is effective in preventing accidents and fires caused by cut or broken wires when using home appliances. It has a safety TEST button so you can check if the Ground Fault Detection feature is functioning properly. We recommend checking it at least once a month.

MGF250 is very accurate, reliable and user-friendly. It is carefully designed and best as you modernize your home.

International and universal outlet combination

The new Meiji Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (MGF250) is an extraordinary GFCI because of its international and universal outlet combination. It prevents dangerous and life-threatening accident in bathrooms during usage of wet electronic and electrical devices such as hair dryers, shavers, cell phones, mp3 players, etc.

It could also stop electric shocks during the operation of washing machines and other wet area equipments. It is also recommended for workshop areas involving electrical power tools.

MGF250 can detect as low as 0.006 amperes (6 milliamperes) and stops the flow of electricity immediately. Electric shocks are more dangerous and deadly especially to women and children. 6mA is the maximum “let go” factor women and children can take. Anything above will be difficult to handle.

downloadBut as saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.”

Why worry about these frequent accidents at home when you can stop them before they can happen?

For total safety against electric shock, choose Meiji MGF250.

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