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It’s Fire Prevention Month, so be extra cautious in safeguarding your homes and offices unexpected fires. Though electrical cause is the number one cause of fires in the Philippines, there are other causes as well. Here are some of them:


Open flames

Unnoticed burning candles or kerosene lamps that are placed near flammable material like cloth; is a fire waiting to happen. Neglected cooking activity in the kitchen causes most fires in the homes. Oil starting to smoke is near the burning point and can ignite violently.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

LPG is liquid inside the container, but immediately changes to the gaseous state when released. It is liquefied so it can be stored economically and transported easily. Did you know that a gallon of liquid LPG in a bottle will expand about 270 times as much when suspended in a vapor form?


We occasionally use these as our beautiful displays resulting from the occurrence of certain colorful chemical reactions. The hazardous substances that produce fireworks are aluminum, antimony, carbon, potassium. When used improperly, surely it will cause fires. So these must be stored, transported and displayed by experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Implementation of prohibitions in the manufacture, handling and use should be strictly complied with everyone as fire safety precaution.

Careless cigarette smoking

Careless cigarette smoking especially indoors is a leading cause of fire in the homes. Here in the Philippines it is the fourth leading cause of fire.

These are only four causes and a there’s a lot more. We need to think of ways to prevent fire before it starts. There’s a saying that, “Where there’s a smoke, there’s a fire. “ And taking this literally; smoke is the start of fires, so we’d better prevent it before it consumes valuable possessions and/or lives.

A lot has already begun to realize the benefits of having Meiji Smoke Detectors. In most hotels, condominiums, office and residential projects, it is already a requirement.

Use Meiji Smoke Detectors for your safety!

Meiji Smoke Detector alarms you that there’s a major smoke or heat coming from a particular area. It alarms to warn you. This way, it can help you protect your home from tragedies of fires. Meiji Smoke Detector also has a “low-battery” alarm to warn you to change the battery as soon as possible.

In case you would need help in setting up your Meiji Smoke Detectors, you will find an instruction manual, together with spare screws inside the box.

Get your Meiji Smoke Detector now!


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