Prepare for the Summer Heat: Aircon Timer

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It’s starting to get warmer. The Christmas breeze is slowly leaving our beloved country and the HEAT of summer is surely coming your way and mine.

summer vacationBut before you schedule the great get-away summer adventure of yours, we all know that summer could cost more on electrical bills than the previous season. So while the International School Manila Tuition Fee consistently rises that doesn’t mean your electrical bills should! Of course that’s not all to remember this summer, while at it, why don’t we run a little check-list on matters more important: home safety. As you know, nothing kills a vacation than an emergency at home.

Do you have an aircon timer?

Due to excessive heat outside, most of us would like to cool off inside our homes where there is good air conditioning. Problem is, you might lose track of time and regret this once your electricity bill arrives. Install aircon timers so that you may control the number of hours you’d like your aircon on. You can also have a schedule every day with Meiji’s 8 programmable-options-24-Hour Timer.

Is there a working fire extinguisher at home?

Make sure that you have one in a practical place and yet is out of reach for your children. Don’t neglect to inform the members of your family how to use the equipment when necessary.

Have you installed smoke detectors at home?

Only get ones that alarm LOUD enough to wake you up even if you’re asleep. Or when you’re not around the house, audible enough to alarm the neighbors. Remember also to check or test your smoke detectors every month and to check battery replacements every 6 months to a year.

Are you extension cords tacked up or coiled?

Do not place extension cords under carpets or mats to avoid it being stepped on or the wires being damaged.

Have you covered unused outlets?

Children are particularly fond of inserting their fingers into outlets. So to avoid grounding and/or burns, cover unused outlets with safety plugs or better yet with blank plates.

Have you checked for overloaded equipments?

Plug only appliances that are within the capacity of your socket outlets and that also of your extension cords.

Are all major appliances grounded?

Appliances, extension cords and outlets with ground are to be prioritized to promote safety especially with children and women in the house. Remember that the ground tolerance for women and children are significantly lower than that of males.

Are electrical cords unplugged when not in use?

When you know you’ll be out for some time, it is wise to unplug electrical cords. This is a sure way to avoid complications especially when rats and other pests might be taking over once you’re away.

 Have you planned your emergency escape?

Practice AIRCON TO FAN TIMERa drill with your family on where to go and what to do in case of emergencies. Make sure that you own an emergency ladder and that the nearest fire and police stations can be found beside the telephones.

Have you considered an aircon to fan timer?

Having one is not only practical and useful but also very affordable. Now, you don’t have to worry once the aircon shuts off because your fan will automatically turn on.

Don’t waste your summer locking yourself in your rooms! Get out and enjoy the heat knowing that your home is safe and cool whenever and however you want it.

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