Why Philippines Can Snow This Year

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Don’t you wish you could also experience snow in the warmth and comforts of your own home? Too bad we live in the Philippines? Who says we can’t? This Christmas, let Meiji make your childhood wishes come true!

Try something new, cool and attractive this year

Instead of putting up your traditional tree for the 50th year, why not try something new, cool and attractive tree this year? We introduce to you Meiji Snowing Trees! With your choice of height: 2.7, 4 and 6 feet and design: Tree, Snowman, Penguin or Snowman including Christmas lights and decors (depending on the character). These trees have tubes inside where the snow follows a path leading to the motor which blows it upwards continuously similar to how water fountains work.

The Penguin Snowing Christmas Tree

Penguin Snowing Tree 6ft.

The Santa Snowing Christmas Tree

Christmas Snowing Santa


The Snowman Snowing Christmas Tree

Snowmen Snowing Christmas Tree

Come on! Have your relatives, friends and family members gather on your Snowy home this year!

Now after enjoying the snowy feel of your home, consider also matching your Snowing Tree with Meiji’s Table Top Snowing Canisters. We have an array of designs to offer you: Tree, Santa, Snowman, Revolving Santa, Santa by Fire and Snowman with Reindeer. You could add this up to your collection as a hobby for the holidays, or give it as a gift for someone your friends you know who collects or add it up as decors of your living room. These Snowing Table Tops include music and lights and workable via a 220V adapter.


Snowing Choir Table Top

Meiji Table Top Choir

Revolving Snowing Santa Table top

Revolving Santa with Reindeer and Sleigh

Gift Suggestions 2011

2011 Table Tops

Last but not the least; Meiji gives you an item that will bring you down memory lane. Remember those small items you just love to shake and enjoy watching snow fall down? Yes, that’s right! Snow globes! We know you are accustomed to the snow globes you have to shake for the snow to fall but now, you don’t have to bother no more. Just plug-in the adapter and these dolls not only have snow falling down but also sing carols for you! These Snow Globes are inside the tummies of Santa, Snowman and Penguin. Adorable must-haves this year for your family to enjoy and your friends to share with!

Meiji Snowing Penguin DollPenguin Doll

Decors: Snowfalling SnowmanSnow ‘falling’ Snowman

Christmas Snowing Santa DollSnowing Santa Doll

Collect them all and have a Snowy Merry Christmas this year everyone! 🙂

Snowing Table Tops for Chirstmas Gifts

All Table Top Snowing Designs

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