The New Motion Sensor With Voice Sensor

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Our generation today became a generation of “upgrades”. We tend to have a desire to innovate or to improve products from time to time. It is human curiosity that drives us to want to try something new. We become more interested in something when we know that it is different from what we already have, seen or used.

Only change is constant in the world

Like what they say,” Only change is constant in the world. “What seems impossible yesterday could now be possible. I grew up watching Science-Fiction films like Iron Man, Batman and Star Wars. Since then I am fascinated on how they use devices that could activate and deactivate machines through the use of their movements and voices. I frequently ask myself how it feels to use those kinds of devices; but there is no reason for me to ask those kinds of questions anymore. Because of today’s innovations, what we only see in our Sci-Fi movies now came into reality.

To meet the changing demand of the market, Meiji Electric came up with another product in line with their existing motion sensors. The MS-04 Sound controlled Motion Sensor.

MS-04 SOUND-CONTROLLED MOTION SENSORmotion and sound sensor

Unlike other motion Sensors offered by Meiji before, MS-04 has PIR-MIC mode, which senses both infrared energy and human voices. Infrared Energy comes from the heat from our bodies, so even if you don’t move or you fell asleep inside the comfort room (coz you can’t get it out!), you won’t be disturbed because the lights will remain on. Also, it is sound-controlled, meaning by just clapping your hands, you may automatically switch on your lights! Convenient, isn’t it?

Control sensitivity that can be adjusted

It also has a control sensitivity that can be adjusted from 30 decibels (db) to 90 db depending upon how loud you want it. It has an ambient light detection of 3-2000 LUX so it can be used during the day and/or night. Meiji motion sensor with voice sensor also has a detection range of 4 to 9 meters with a 160 degree detection angle.

For those who want a different experience with their motion sensors, Meiji’s sound-controlled motion sensor is a must try. It gives is not just the satisfaction and convenience but the glimpse of the modern world.


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