Can Motion Sensors Save Energy?

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no_need_for_switchAre you one of those people who tend to forget turning-off the lights when leaving a certain area, like comfort rooms? Or does your child/spouse tend to do that for you?

Well, you are not alone. There are many people who experience this. And that includes me! If you are worrying that this might affect your electricity bills (It already does, I swear!). Good news! Meiji Electric is here to help you with your power-saving dilemmas.

Using Infrared Motion Sensors

Infrared Motion Sensors could help save electricity that we consume everyday. Why? Seldom used places like conference rooms, storage rooms, utility closets and bathrooms are areas where people tend to forget to turn off the lights before leaving. Meaning, the lights will remain on until someone notices it. And what do we get in return? An unwelcoming shock and dismay as soon as your electricity bill reaches your doorstep.

Using infrared motion sensors in areas that get much foot traffic

And that is frustrating, right? You’re paying more due to carelessness or neglect. That is why most of the offices and even homes right now are using infrared motion sensors in different areas that get much foot traffic or the places we usually go into, as mentioned earlier.  Infrared motion sensor senses the person’s body heat. So, when a person enters a room installed with a motion sensor, the motion sensor will automatically trigger the light to turn on. When the person leaves, (and so does its heat), the light will turn off after the set period of time. (This can be adjusted to your preference with Meiji’s motion sensor). This ensures that your lights do not get left on needlessly for hours or even days.

Save electricity, save money

According to a study conducted by Rowan University in US, “The installation of the motion sensors alone saved approximately 30% of the electric bill.”

THE MEIJI MOTION SENSORAnd when we save electricity, we save money. In addition, we make mother nature happy. Cost efficiency as you know is very important especially nowadays. There are a lot of factors that trigger our electricity bills to spike up. Some may be uncontrollable, like electricity hike of our power providers. But others are controllable, like our consumption. That is why we need to be wise in using our appliances and use devices that could really help us save energy. And this is what motion sensors are all about. It’s not just for the convenience that you don’t need to find the outlet to open the lights anymore but also to minimize the usage of our electricity, resulting to a better outcome.  A win-win scenario!

So now, what are you waiting for? Have your own motion sensors installed in your home and office, and see how it makes your life easier.

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