How To Get Your Money’s Worth In Buying Extension Cords

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One of the basic needs in a household is an extension cord. Normally, one couldn’t accurately estimate the number of outlets to be used in a room, house or kitchen. So when you need more for the newly bought appliances or you need to have an appliance working nearer one place but its plug is too short, you know you need an extension cord! So then you go to the nearest hardware or dealer store and get for yourselves the cheapest extension set! Then you go off talking to yourself, “This is okay right? I’ll only be using this to plug-in my fan anyway.” Now my question is, “Can you not use it for others? Was the time, effort and money you spent, worth-it?”

I can’t blame you for always wanting to choose the cheapest. The cost of living in our country is getting higher and higher every year. And adding another expense of an extension cord to your daily budget does not necessarily top the list.  This article is here not to convince you otherwise, but to better acquaint you of the different types of extension cords in the market that are most probably more cost efficient and effective than what you are using.

Be sure you have in mind the items you will plug into your extension cord

Before you dive in to the market, expect to be bombarded with the numerous designs and merchandisers who will promote their own respective brands of extension cords to you. As tip number 1, be sure you have in mind the items you will plug into your extension cord and their corresponding wattages. Second, how long do you need to extend your cord wires, and third, how much are you willing to pay. Try your best to remember ALL 3 so you wouldn’t be too easily swayed by the savvy talks of the greatest merchandisers or sales agents who are in dire need to meet their sales targets. Or worse, for you to be lured with the cheap prices and cool features you don’t really need!


In Meiji’s Classic Extension Cord Series consist of a model called MES-3011. It has 2 socket outlets in front and an outlet at the back. It has 3 meters wire, has 6 Amperes capacity, working at 250V and has the ability to withhold 1,200 Watts for only P100.00! It’s also available in green color to match the designs and decors of your home especially during the Christmas season. Given the price, its capacity, length and non-fading glossy white appearance; you would really find it worthwhile.


In addition to the Classic Extension Cord Series is the one I personally use everyday. It has 3 outlets too but this one is vertically lined up. We have been using it for our electric fan, and flattening iron at home for quite a long time, model MES-2027. I also use one for my computer monitor, CPU and UPS in the office. It has the capacity of 15 Amperes, 3,500 Watts with 3 meters wire for P150! They also came out with a 5 meters for those who need their cords extended for a much longer area. Meiji calls it MES-2028 and is being sold at P195 only! So for your simple appliances that need extensions, this is a very wise and cost effective solution.

Extension Sets 3M with Surge Protection13 series

Recently, Meiji has added another series to their line of Extension cords, they call the13 series. It is available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 socket outlets having 3 meters wire. What makes it different from the rest of their extension sockets in the market is its triple safety feature protection!

This series has individual fuses for each outlet that blows to signal you that the items plugged-in have exceeded the allowable wattage of your extension cord. Second, these extension cords consist of a circuit breaker that would automatically ‘trip’ or shut off when shorts or over-voltage occurs. And third, each socket has a child protection “shutter” device that prevents children from putting their fingers inside the extension cord and getting shocked. Don’t be surprised, it really happens.

choose safety and peace of mind

So for higher rated appliances such as your Plasma TV, Blu-ray DVD surround sound systems and others, choose safety and peace of mind. You wouldn’t want to risk those appliances just because you opted for the cheapest extension set, right? Besides, the prices Meiji offers are very competitive. For the triple safety feature, fire retardant plastic and its 3 meter wire, it’s a bargain!

You’re sure to get your money’s worth!

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