Metal Enclosure Fabrication, Shearing Your Specification

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Different industries have specific electrical controls that help them in their daily operations. Hence, electrical controls must be protected from dusts, rain, and weather hazards such as sleet and corrosion and most specially to prevent unintentional direct contact from humans. Being a supplier of electrical controls in a wide range of industries, Meiji Electric has recreated itself into a metal enclosure fabricating specialist that caters to the demand in Steel-type Panel Enclosures of big industrial companies, commercial buildings and to residential properties for their electric generation and monitoring. Meiji Electric provides this metal enclosure for Control Panel, Panel Boards, Low Voltage Switch Gears (LVSG), Motor Control Center, Circuit Breaker/ Busbar Gutter down to the smallest Switch Bank and Cable Trays. As most industries need custom made enclosures, Meiji Electric answers this necessity by catering “Made to Order” Panel Enclosures. Yes! “We make it, how you want it!”


Fabricating enclosures

In fabricating enclosures, we use standard gauge metal sheets like the usual Cold-rolled Steel with fine surface, greater uniformity in thickness, and increased strength by strain hardening. Another metal we use in fabrication is the Galvanized Iron coated with zinc paint creating a barrier to prevent itself from getting rusty. Lastly is the Stainless Steel, which does not easily corrode, rust or stain. It is a versatile material that makes it useful for years and remains stainless. Stainless Panel Enclosures have a significantly longer lifespan.

Panel Enclosures

These three metal materials we use can surely protect the electrical controls inside and endure any specified weather hazards.In commercial establishments, control components such as circuit breakers, magnetic contactors, thermal overload relays and related items also call for Panel Enclosures as they are dangerous to people when they have a sudden direct contact. That’s why electrical controls need to be enclosed in safe Panel Enclosures using International Standard NEMA Enclosure types or equivalent: NEMA 3R or IP14, NEMA 4X or IP56, and NEMA 12 or IP52.

Panel boards at homes are also essential when they have multiple panels and they want it in one centralized enclosure.

Unitized Panel


Outdoor NEMA 3R or IP14

Meiji Electric creates the so called, “Unitized Panel”- an assembly of small and large panels which are enclosed into one Steel-type Panel Enclosure.

With our metal-fabricating facilities, we cater both standard and customized Panel Boards and Control Panels. We supply Industrial, Commercial, Residential and many more. What more can you ask for?  Tell us what you need and we will supply it how you want it! With Meiji Electric, everything is possible.

Come and let’s fabricate your safe way into the future!

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  1. Sirs: Pls provide a cobtact number to a sales enginee who I can discuss with our requirement for LVSG MCC to be used for a biomass boiler (about 1200 amp load with 49 motors.) This is urgent, Thanks. CAcosta 0998 960 1556

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