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We live in the world full of choices. As we wake up, we need to choose what food to cook for breakfast; to the movies we want to watch to put us to sleep. And it’s fun, right? You can choose according to your preferences. You can choose what you think is best for you.

And that is the very reason Meiji Electric comes up with not just one but two Wiring Devices Collections: the Classic Series and later the Champagne Series. Let me elaborate further.


You want to go classic? Meiji Classic Series is perfect for you. Merriam –Webster Dictionary defines Classic as something that is considered one of the best of its kind. This is just the case for Meiji Classic Series when it comes to quality, durability and affordability. With its Polycarbonate properties, you can be sure that its pure white color will not fade away as times passed by. This is perfect for classic, rustic,and country style interior designs.


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Luxury, class and elegance, are what symbolizes Champagne. And this is Meiji’s inspiration to come up with its newest Wiring device collection, the Champagne series.

Made up with pure stainless steel cover. Surely, Meiji Champagne Series will give you a different experience with your wiring devices. This series comes with Champagne Black, Champagne Silver and Champagne Gold. Now, there is no reason for you to worry matching your wall interiors with your Wiring device. Durability without sacrificing aesthetics; that is what Champagne Series is all about. Champagne Series is perfect for modern, minimalist and retro interior designs.

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Wiring devices are very important inside our homes. For example, before we enter our houses, what do we look for? Of course, the light switches to turn on the lights. When we need to plug our appliances or charge our gadgets, we look for the nearest socket outlet. Let’s admit it; our wiring devices are very essential in our homes. So why not choose the best and not settle for less? Choose right! 🙂


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