Meiji Wiring Devices’ Edge Among Other Brands

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We all know what electrical outlets and switches are, and that it is a standard for every home to have. Wiring devices power our home appliances as well as to lighten the whole house. Receptacles provide a safer port where appliances can connect and power up. Switches on the other hand, are used to turn-on and turn-off the lights without a direct contact to its wires. But isn’t that what all brands of wiring devices do? The question is, how long will they last? Do they look nice for your interior design and for your visitors? Are they worth the price you paid for?

Let me share to you what I know!



When it comes to durability, Meiji outlets and switches has metal strap all over, which no one can claim with an affordable price. Unlike ordinary wiring devices that are made from very brittle plastic material, Meiji Classic Series wiring devices are made from flexible and non-fading polycarbonate glossy-white finish that protects you from direct contact to electricity. Meiji switches can take pressure during turn-on and turn-off process without easily breaking. Due to its wider contact point, you will receive a sturdier conductivity for a safer consumption of electricity. Meiji outlets has an accommodating screw-type terminals made perfectly for the standard solid and stranded wires. A screw-type terminal has many advantages over the Snap-On type. For one, with the Snap-On type you cannot retighten the terminals, you must buy a new one. The Meiji screw-type terminal can be easily retightened with a twist of a screw. Another great feature is that, Meiji wiring devices has interchangeable parts and can be mixed and matched with one another. Just remember not to combine low voltage (telephone) and high voltage (outlet) physically in the same set to avoid any damage to your appliances during a short.



When it comes to designs, white is the standard color for wiring devices. But if you want to attractively match these durable switches and outlets to your interior design, Meiji Champagne Series is just right for you! With the new elegant look from champagne-colored and pure stainless steel cover, your home design will definitely look better and classier. Your visitors will be amazed how easy you could professionally blend those outlets and switches to your interior.


Meiji switches and outlets are all user-friendly and reliable, even inexpensive enough to acquire if you really want to enhance your everyday living. In a new age, people are much wiser than before, knowing all options and choosing just the right one. So what are you waiting for? Choose Meiji Wiring Devices and it’s yours with just a flip of a switch!

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