The Meiji WEATHERPROOF ENCLOSURE is Perfect for your Split-type Outdoor Aircon Condensing Units

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The inverter air conditioning system is the latest technology in the Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) field. Lately, it has been the top choice of consumers because of its environmental and energy savings features. It is said that an Inverter air conditioner offers an impressive 50% reduction in electricity consumption by regulating compressor speed to deliver just the right amount of cooling power without compromising comfort. If you are thinking of buying an inverter air conditioner, installation of the condensing unit is something that you have to consider. Condensing units are usually situated outdoors; and a separate drainage system and control circuitry is required.


Protect the Circuit Breaker

Protect the Circuit Breaker of your condensing units with the MEIJI IP54 MHWP03 and MHWP05 WEATHERPROOF ENCLOSURES. These are made with fine, white, polycarbonate thermo-plastic materials to protect your circuit breakers from rain, dirt, dust, oil and spraying water. The modern-day designed enclosure has a transparent cover which provides a clear view of the breakers inside.


Unlike the usual metal NEMA-3R enclosures, which tend to rust and discolor over a period of time, the MHWP 03 and 05 will not deteriorate even when exposed to heavy rain and sunlight. It is also very affordable compared to the NEMA-4X Stainless Enclosure. These can house 1, 2, or 3 poles of Miniature Circuit Breakers, ranging from 63 to 100 Ampere frame.





The MHWP03 can also accommodate a 2x1P Meiji Manual Transfer Switch (MTS) while the MHWP05 can accommodate up to 2x2P MTS.  MTS may sometimes be situated outdoors because it is easier to locate when it’s dark inside your house because of a power outage.

With MEIJI ELECTRIC’S IP54 MHWP03 and MHWP05 affordable price, stylish and durable design, what more can you ask for? Avail of these items now to protect your outdoor circuitry and your family!

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