Meiji USB Outlet Guarantees Safety and Convenience

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There was a recent report about a woman in Australia who was electrocuted after using a substandard USB style charger.

deffective USB adaptors“Australian authorities issued a warning about cheap, non-compliant USB-style chargers after a young woman died from apparent electrocution while using a laptop and possibly a smart phone.

The 28-year-old was found wearing headphones and with her computer in her lap with burns on her chest and ears at a home in Gosford, north of Sydney, in April.

Police are still investigating the circumstances of the death but the Department of Fair Trading, which has assisted with the case, suggested a sub-standard mobile phone charger could be to blame.

The woman, whom reports said was from the Philippines but had recently become an Australian citizen, had headphones plugged into her laptop, which was connected to a power socket to charge.”

–       Australian Federal Police (AFP)

USB-dependent devices have invaded into almost everyone’s life. If you own even one single digital device then most likely it includes a USB-based charging system. Though USB style chargers and adapters are very useful, some of them do not comply to safety standards. As to the news, the USB style charger did not meet essential safety requirements and were often made of inferior plastics and other insulation materials.

Good thing there’s Meiji USB Outlet!

Meiji USB Outlet (MCS-0522)

Will certainly accommodate all USB-dependent devices all over the world and provide you a maximum charging efficiency. Say “NO” to substandard USB style chargers because now, you can plug your iPods, Android phones, digital cameras, GPS, and MP3 players directly to the wall.

DSC02977-editedThe Meiji USB Outlet is made from flexible and non-fading poly-carbonate glossy-white finish which qualifies the safety standards. Rated at 1 ampere, 5 volts capacity, your charging experience will not be in vain. The Meiji USB Outlet is also a user-friendly outlet providing convenience and safety. On top of that, you can have three USB Outlets in one plate. What an incredible outlet!

You can install Meiji USB Outlet in any part of your house, or even at your office. Meiji USB Outlet is very beneficial for those people who frequently misplace their USB adapters. It is also a great help to those users who make sure that they only spend for the best items.

Preferably, we should avoid using our mobile phones while our devices are charging. But in any case, we should refrain from using substandard chargers. After all, we don’t want the same incident to happen in our own lives.

With Meiji USB Outlet, safety and convenience is guaranteed.


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    We are building a resort need usb outlets. Thanks

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