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you-were-a-college-student-in-the-2000s-if-979286879-sep-13-2012-1-600x400Dreaming about the future of your daughter, and seeing her doing her best on her studies, you can’t help yourself from being proud of her. You know she needs your support and provision as she makes her way to success.

At the time of her college days, she’s going to make her reports, assignments, reviews and hundreds of pages of thesis. She’s going to need references like books, news articles, interviews and website information. Using the desktop you bought for her, she is able to finish it with fulfillment. Though her brain will get drained from all the ideas and thoughts poured out to the topic, she will get all the work done.

In the day of her graduation, she will definitely get remarkable honors and outstanding awards. Guests and visitors of the school will shake her hand as she holds her diploma. Her face will be delighted as she shows her best smile to the crowd and make her bow.

Soon, the corporate world will come looking for her. Earning surmountable amount of money and at the same time helping her family will be her focus. She’s going to have some investments after a year. She will soon have her own vacation house in Palawan, Europe, America among many others where she can relax together with her friends and loved ones.

Finally, she will get married and become a good wife and mother to her children. She will be fulfilled with her life. What a great parenting you have done. This would be a dream come true!

No Good Life

But what you didn’t realize, when she was just making her thesis, a sudden storm hit your home system and knocked the power down! Due to the sudden shutdown, your computer got internal destruction. Files got corrupted and they didn’t get saved. Because you didn’t invest in Meiji UPS which is very necessary for computers, your daughter wasn’t able to finish her thesis, she didn’t submit any paper, and she got no honors and awards because she didn’t graduate. She didn’t get employed, no work at all, no earnings, no investments, no vacation house, no relaxation and no good life.

Everything you dreamed for her melted down like an ice cube liquefied under the sun.

Don’t let this happen! Invest now in Meiji’s Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)!

With Meiji UPS, your computer work is safer because it has backup power during electricity failure. Meiji UPS comes with 500 and 1000 power wattage. It has an input voltage of 220V-240V, 60Hertz and battery specification of 12V/7.0Ah, 1 piece for 500 watts and 2 pieces for 1000 watts. It gives you a 15 to 30 minute backup power where your computer can be easily shut down after saving your work. The best part is, you can resume your work once the power outage is fixed. Isn’t that just great!

Make your dreams come true with Meiji UPS!

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