MEIJI UPS 500, 1000VA

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meiji upsUPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply can be usually found connected to our PCs for back-up battery. This way, when a sudden power outage occurs, you don’t need to worry about the tasks you’re doing  especially the important document/s you are typing because your UPS gives you the luxury of time to save all data. Then after, to turn off your computer properly.

Meiji UPS comes with 2 wattage 500 and 1000VA. So desktop computers with higher specs and requirements can also make use of (the new addition), Meiji UPS 1000W and say bye bye to the dreadful data losses brown-out days bring.

Meiji UPS 500 and 1000VA have an input voltage of 220V-240V, 60Hertz (+/- 10%). It has an 8 hour float charging time. This means, you initially have to charge your UPS first by simply plugging it into an outlet before you can use it.  It’s battery specification is at 12V/7.0Ah 1 piece for 500VA and 2 pieces for 1000VA.

Voltage Stabilizer

Meiji UPS also have built-in voltage stabilizer for both 500 and 1000va so if you don’t have a separate AVR yet, then your UPS will temporarily do. Once under or over voltage occurs, Meiji UPS will give off a warning beep to inform the user of the occurrence. Because of this, your Meiji UPS will then automatically switch to using its battery so that your appliances are well-protected. But this will eat up your battery power so save up your data as soon as possible and turn off your computer.

UPS are meant to save you the hassle of re-typing everything you lost due to sudden power outages, surges or any accidents. With weather typhoons suddenly coming our way such Labuyo, Maring Nando,  you won’t regret protecting your data and personal computers by getting Meiji UPS.

44 responses to “MEIJI UPS 500, 1000VA”

  1. Ara says:

    Iam planning to buy a meiji 500 va. Just want to know how many hours can it be used after a power shortage. My daughter teaches online and she is concerned about the life span of the battery

  2. Dunstan says:

    I have a Meiji 500 va for some time now, but whenever I plug it in an outlet an orange light will appear and when I switch it on to use my computer, the UPS will suddenly turn off. Does the orange light indicates that the UPS is being charged? Or is there a problem to my UPS

  3. Dunstan says:

    I have been using Meiji ups 500, but now when I turn it on it will automatically turn off. Is there something wrong with the battery?

    • John says:

      Hi Dunstan,

      Maybe its the battery. For further evaluation of your MUPS please bring to our office so we can check up the unit.
      You may call us at 351-1902.


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