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A person in a dark room with his palm in his face…

No… it’s not a scene in a horror or drama film but a typical scenario of a person who experienced a power outage while doing an extensive report in his computer without saving.

Exhausted, annoyed and irritated. These three words may shortly describe the way we feel. But cannot completely justify the feelings this horrific experience can cause. Maybe most of us have experienced this. And it can be a real hassle.  Imagine doing something for 5 hours, and then GONE! This was what happened to me. Heartbreaking!

But there is no reason for you and I to experience this anymore. With Meiji’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), you can finish all your work without any worry of data loss. Meiji UPS provides us with a 15-30minute backup power during power failure. This also depends on the load plugged into the Meiji UPS.  It’s like having a spare battery for your PC. UPS not only gives us more time to save our files but also to properly shutdown our computers to avoid damages to our internal hard drives. If you are still not convince of its necessity in our computer, I’ll show you why you should be!

Here are 3 reasons why having a UPS is important:


one of the most sensitive appliances we own is our personal computer. PCs are built with electronics and micro chips that can be very reactive to electrical surges. And as we had mentioned in our articles, one sure way to have an electrical surge would be a power outage. You wouldn’t want to keep buying a PC or having it repaired, do you?


Again by using Meiji UPS, there will be no reason for you to redo your work when power loss occurs. It beeps when power is out which alarms you to save your work immediately. Continuous beeping also sends its user the message that the Meiji UPS is low in battery


If you want a long-term investment, Meiji UPS is the one for you. It not just protects your computer from surges, but also has a built-in AVR that prevents surge from damaging the computer connected to the UPS. For the price of one, you can reap the benefit of two!meiji ups

Say no more to wasted time. Bid good bye to redoing hard work! It is better to be ready than sorry! Invest on something that will surely benefit you. With Meiji Uninterruptible Power Supply, work efficiency and security is ensured.  🙂

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    Good day!

    Can you send me pricelist of your servo type avr and pricelist for ups? ill drop by


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