Meiji’s Smart Traveling Adaptor

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11Fond of travelling abroad? Travel now with the New Meiji Smart Traveling Adaptor!


The newly innovated Meiji adaptor, designed to bring incomparable convenience for travelers all over the world. Now you can plug any of your portable devices to any kinds of outlets under the sun. The new Meiji Smart Traveling Adaptor MCS-0765 consist of five types of plugs specifically, Chinese, Australian, European, American and U.K. plugs. It has a power rating of 100V t0 240V AC, 50/60 Hertz and 8 amperes maximum capacity. sideviewLaptops, Macbooks and other portable devices will certainly fit whenever varying outlets presents itself to you. Not only that. This incredibly assembled adaptor now has two USB ports with  5 volts DC and 1 Ampere maximum capacity that can accommodate your USB-dependent devices such as iphones, speakers, mp3 players and the like.  Now charging your device will never be a problem. You can also use this amazing adaptor to your home whenever you wanna use an imported appliance with an unfamiliar plug. With its international socket outlet, it can accommodate any kinds of plug. In order for you to maximize its function, avoid using it with appliances that requires ground connection. Just always put in mind that this adaptor cannot convert voltage as what transformers do. And for safer usage, unplug it when not in use.

More Than 20 Years

Meiji Electric has been in the business for more than 20 years now. Since these days are way different than before, portable devices had been an important part of our daily lives especially when out on the go.

Travel to the world’s advancement with the new Meiji Traveling Adaptor.

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