Why Meiji Has the Best Transformers

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Transformer Box TypeAmong many product lines that Meiji Electric carry, Transformers consist to one of them. Transformers according to Wikipedia are used to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another through magnetic coils operated by its primary and secondary windings. These windings determine the two types of a transformer: step-up or step-down.

Now as you know, in our country our working voltage is 220. But in countries such as Anguila, China, Cuba, Guam and USA use 110-120V. Because of this, when relatives and loved ones send appliances over to the country, we need to use step down transformers.

Decreases Voltage

A step down transformer decreases voltage from primary to secondary, having more primary winding turns than secondary winding turns. Transformers 50-100WPlugging the appliance on Meiji’s step down transformer 110V outlet allows your appliance to have an output of 220V thus making it useable. A step up transformer on the other hand, increases voltage from primary to secondary windings having more secondary winding turns than primary winding turns. When you in turn will bring an appliance or gadget having a 220V output, you need to buy a step up transformer using its 220V outlet in order for it to be used.

Meiji step down transformers have a number of advantages compared to other suppliers in the market. First, Meiji TC models comprising of 50 to 750 wattages come with handles. These handles do not heat up in case you need to transfer your transformer from one place to another. For higher and heavier wattages such as 1000-5000 called ST models, the handles are made up of rubber material. Meiji promotes convenience to its users.

Transformers 250-500WWarn the User

Meiji step down TC models also have fuse protection device that will blow in case of a short circuit, over current or over voltage. This will warn the user to make sure the device plugged-in is inappropriate with the load capacity of the transformer. In addition to this, ST models also have a circuit breaker on top of the fuse protection device. This circuit breaker will automatically trip protecting both your appliance and the transformer unit itself.

The number of available outlets is also a major advantage with Meiji step down transformers. For models TC-250, TC-350, TC-500 and TC-750, there are 2 available output voltages namely 110 and 100 catering to countries with these working voltages. For ST Models 1000-5000, 3 outlets are available: 2-110V and 1-220V.

Meiji provides you with convenience, aesthetics and a complete line of wattages available from 50W until 10,000W for all your needs. Try it and tell us what you think!

16 responses to “Why Meiji Has the Best Transformers”

  1. Mayumi says:

    Hi! I would really like to know. How heavy is your 750 watts transformer? In kgs please. Cause I’m planning to take it with me on plane.

  2. alfred says:

    i need a transformer for our 3.7 kw/230 V/ 3 phase/60 hz sewage pump our power source is 400 Volts

    • John says:

      Hi Alfred,

      Unfortunately, all our transformers’ input is a fixed “220V”.
      If you ever need some other electrical supplies, please let me know. We’ll be glad to help you.


  3. Lyle Kooima says:

    I have a SVC-500. What is the purpose of the Quick Start button on the back?

    When should I use it and when should I not use it?


    • John says:

      Hi Lyle,
      The purpose of the Quick Start Button at the back of SVC-500 is to by-pass the delay of the AVR.
      You can use it if you want to use your AVR immediately.

      • Lyle Kooima says:

        Thanks for the quick reply, John!

        I guess I should have asked the question this way.

        Can the Quick Start be harmful to equipment by creating an immediate power surge?


  4. Mike says:

    What stepdown transformer would you recommend for my guitar amp which consumes 75watts as indicated on its back panel. 300. 350. 500 watt model?

  5. PJ says:


    I just bought an ST-1500 Transformer from Ace Hardware, Mega Mall yesterday. I noticed that when I plug the unit in the wall outlet, I hear a sudden hum/ buzz and then it dissipates. Is this normal? I am a bit worried about our safety because on the box there is a warning that says if there is a humming sound or vibration, the unit should be turned off right away. Should I return the item to Ace Hardware and have it replaced or there really is nothing to worry about?

    • John says:

      Hi Pj,

      Its normal, but if the sound is like disturbing please bring the unit to Ace Hardware for the check up.


  6. Marites Chua says:

    Hi, where is your service center? I’m from Q.C.

  7. Lea says:


    I have a Vitamix blender that uses 1380 120V and 11.5 amps grading, and a hair dryer that uses 1100 watts. What product can you recommend?


  8. pascal gauthier says:

    hi i would like to know if i can hook up an Xbox one X , a 65″ tv and sound system to one of these transformers ?

    • John says:

      Yes. As long as the transformer has enough wattage to accommodate the appliances.

      Please consult to your electrician so they can recommend appropriate wattage of transformer.


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