Meiji Step-up and Down Transformers

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First, Meiji was only known for step-down transformers.These step-down transformers allow you to use imported appliances of 110 working voltages countries, here in the Philippines. Since we have a working voltage of 220, it steps it down to 110V in order for appliances from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico,  Japan (100v) and others to work in our country.

This time, Meiji has also allowed our appliances from our country to be brought abroad. With the Meiji STEP-UP AND DOWN transformer, you don’t need to start all over again in buying new appliances as you start a new life abroad.

Meiji Step-up and down transformers come in 2 wattages: 500VA and 1000VA.


step-up and down transformer


As you will see, Meiji’s STU-500 is very handy. It comes with a built-in handle that allows you to easily carry and move it with you from one place to another. At its upper left, you also find a USB port which you can to charge your gadgets on. The Meiji STU-500 also has a RED power switch that turns on and off your step-up and down transformer without the hassle of unplugging all the devices plugged into it.

There are also 2 socket outlets. One labelled as OUTPUT 110v and another as OUTPUT 220V. This means, if your appliance has a working voltage of 220V (bought from the Philippines), then plug this appliance on the OUTPUT 220V socket. If however, the appliance has a working voltage of 110V (bought from Canada), then you must plug the appliance on the socket outlet labelled as OUTPUT 110V.


input voltage selector


It is very important that you place the input voltage correctly. Input voltage means the working voltage of your current area, so if you are in the Philippines, make sure that you input voltage is at 220V. Whereas if you are in Canada, you need to change your input voltage  to be 110V.

NOTE: Plugging to an incorrect input or output voltage will result to damaging your Meiji Step-Up and Down Transformer unit.



step-up and down transformer 1000


The features and how to use your STU-1000VA, is similar to your STU-500VA.

But as you can see one of its differences would be its size. With your bigger step-up and down transformer 1000VA , you need to calculate well the allowance for your baggage weight.

Still with a handle to carry it around with you, but this time, its power source is via a Meiji miniature circuit breaker. This way, if there should be overloading of power, your circuit breaker will automatically shut off to protect the appliances you plugged in and to safeguard your step-up and down transformer as well. Your unit also has a light indicator to inform you whether you step-up and down transformer unit is switched on or turned off.

19 responses to “Meiji Step-up and Down Transformers”

  1. John says:

    Hi Neil,

    Unfortunately, there are many ratings and types of compressors.
    To be totally accurate on specifications, you have to take a look at the labels on the item itself.
    I’m sure we have the right transformer once you can give us the ratings. Thank you.

  2. John says:

    Hi Letty,

    Thank your for your inquiry.
    Please let me know your desired rating in order for us to quote. Thank you.

  3. Jan says:

    Do you have potential transformer 500va 3 phase?

    • John says:

      Hi Jan,

      Unfortunately, the item you were requesting is not in our product line.
      If you happen to need some other electrical supplies, please let us know!
      We would be glad to serve you.


  4. roy says:

    hi! do you have step up step down transformer which the output would be 220v, 2100watts and 50hz? input is 220v, 60hz

    • John says:

      Hi Roy,

      Please double check the input and output.

      We have transformer here with 110V/100V output and 220V input. 🙂

      We’ll send our brochure thru email.

      Thank you

  5. Raven black says:

    I have an electric griller from japan 110 volt i’m not sure about the amphere it uses. I noticed a 15 amp in the cord, any idea how much wattage i need?

    • John says:

      Hi Raven,

      Please double check the wattage of your griller. But our recommendation is triple the of your appliance for your safety.

  6. Christine says:

    I have an electric griddle from US with 110v and 1300 watts. Can I use the STU-500? Because thats the only transformer I have

    • John says:

      Hi Christine,

      No. It might damage your electric griddle. We suggest to your atleast 4000watts or higher transformer. It’s better to triple the rating of your appliance or equipment for your safety.

      Thank you

  7. Maria Anna says:

    Transformers such as these enable you to supply a high and lot alternating current which is then transmitted to the consumer.

  8. rizaldy casalme says:

    I have asked a friend to buy for me a coffee maker from the US. Rating is 120V 900W. What transformer do I need? Is it available in your shop? Please advise.
    Appreciate your prompt response.

    • John says:

      Hi Rizaldy!

      Thank you for inquiring with us!

      For transformer we have 50 to 10000 watts available. Please ask your technical people for appropriate transformer.

      Thank you

  9. Jun Reyes says:

    I need a step-up 110V to 220V for a 2HP airconditioner window type.
    What Watts transformer do I need. Please send me model, brochure, Price. And where/dealer to buy?

    • John says:

      Hi Jun,

      We have up to 10000 watts transformer. Please ask your technical people or consult to electrical engr what is suitable for your 2HP Aircon.

      Thank you

  10. Lina ching says:

    I neef a transformer for an airfryer bought in the usa. How much and where is your nearest outlet close to cubao. Should i bring my airfryer with me to be sure i eill buy the right specs for my unit?

  11. Joel Ching says:

    Do you have a step down transformer from 110v in or 220v in to 100v out. It is for a 100v coffee machine from Japan. Coffee machine details as follows; 100v, 60 Hz, 1500 watts. Thank you.

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