Meiji Step-down Transformer with “Exhaust Fan”

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Since Philippines has a fixed 220 voltage supply, it is recommended to use a step-down transformer for 110V rated appliances. With this device you can step-down or convert the voltage supply (AC) from 220 volts to 110 volts to be used in your 110V rated appliances.

But for some appliances that run 24/7, do you wonder whether it may overheat?

Worry no more as Meiji has read your mind even before you think it! A new step-down transformer with exhaust fan!

transformer with exhaust fan








Refined and More Improved

Meiji Step-down Transformer with its additional feature, exhaust fan, is a refined and more improved item to be used with your imported appliances. The main purpose of the exhaust fan installed in the step-down transformer is to prevent the transformer itself from overheating. This is a great advantage in temperature control as an exhaust fan can be used to push warm air outside, leaving cooler air inside the transformer. Having an exhaust fan is one great technique in preventing your step-down transformer from getting over-heated due to long hours of use or heat emissions from motors. As we are informed, heat generated by electronic devices and circuitry must be lessened to improve reliability and prevent device failure.

Lightings also call for a step-down transformer when used as constant. They may not be used for 24 hours, but they are used for a very long time. Likewise, the transformer connected to them operates with the same time duration which may result to the unit’s temperature rise. Step-down transformers should maintain a certain heat limit. .

Stay cool with the new heat-enduring and long-lasting Meiji Step-down Transformer with Exhaust Fan!

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