Meiji’s Smoke Detector

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Most of the time when there’s smoke, there is a fire. One way to detect this would be a smoke detector. Meiji smoke detector alarms you that there is  significant smoke coming from a particular area. This way, it safeguards your home from the possible destruction and disasters of fires.

Smoke Detector

smoke detector front

SIZE (diameter): 3″ x 1.5″

smoke detector supplier

Battery: 3x3V of CR 2450 (long life)

Meiji Smoke Detector also has a low battery alarm to inform the user to change the battery ASAP. This way, it can serve its purpose of protecting you and your loved ones from impending dangers.

In case you would need assistance in installing your Meiji  smoke detectors, you will find an instruction manual, together with spare screws inside the box.

Invest in your home. Get a Meiji smoke detector!

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  1. Manuel P. Reyno says:

    Would like to ask for a quotation of for the following:
    1. 4 pcs. of 1.25mm2 Twisted pair wire
    2. 11 pcs. of battery operated smoke detector
    3. 2 pcs. of Bell
    4. 1 unit of Manual Fire alarm control panel

    And would like to ask if do you install and how much the labor cost?
    Thank you,

  2. Abigail Joyce Vallestero says:

    Hi. Can I ask for a quotation for this item?
    Smoke detector
    fire alarm bell


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