Meiji RCBO Protects Robinsons McKinley Park Residences

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Meiji’s Residual Current circuit Breaker with Over-current protection (RCBO)

A breaker designed for accurate protection against ground fault or leakage current, short circuit and overload.


Most of us know that ground faults and short circuits occur when electricity travels outside an intended path and tries to get to the ground by the shortest route and when two bare wires in a circuit touch each other. If you touch electricity while you are grounded (touching the ground on foot or something resting on the ground, like a ladder), your body becomes electricity’s shortest route to ground. This is also true if you touch water that touches electricity. In both cases, you could get hurt or even get killed. Short circuit as defined by Wikipedia, as an abnormal connection between two nodes of an electric circuit intended to be at different voltages. The part of the circuit bypassed by the short circuit stops to function, and a large amount of current could start to flow. This can generate a lot of heat in the wires and cause a fire.

With Meiji’s RCBOs ground fault and short circuit protection feature, it will automatically cut off power line in the quickest manner when current imbalance is detected. Meiji RCBO disconnects the circuit when ground faults occurs and exceeds a rated sensitivity of 30 milliamperes. Its fire resistant plastic parts are designed to endure high level of heat and strong impact. It also protects circuits from over-voltage.

Meiji RCBOs are user-friendly due to its “easy-to-operate” on-off switch, contact position indicator and yellow TEST button.

In addition to your own safety, protection to household relaxation facilities such as whirlpools, water heaters and spa equipment, is also provided. In case of overload, Meiji RCBO trips and enables a quick solution to the faulty connection within its ampere frame.

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Robinsons McKinley Park Residences

One of our recent projects, Robinsons McKinley Park Residences, will be using Meiji RCBO in their pool area to prevent fatal ground faults.  This renowned 43-story condominium with world-class amenities located at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, now uses Meiji RCBOs in enhancing their electrical systems. This way, customers and their guests can enjoy the ultra-modern aesthetics, sophisticated units, excellent services and conveniences they offer without having worries about electrical safety.

Partner with Meiji, as we make safety and convenience a priority to you, to your equipment and to your company!

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