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Meiji metal strap switches

What does it mean to be practical? In my opinion, being useful, convenient, and efficient in the way we do things means you are being practical. In the electrical world, being practical means being able to use the electrical devices with ease, with more options, and of course having cost efficiency.

Meiji metal strap switchesMeiji’s Classic Series of wiring devices include many types like doorbell push buttons, computer outlets, surface type switches and outlets and more. All Meiji wiring devices looks aesthetically good and are durable as well. But the most valuable characteristics perhaps is their practicality.

One of the advantages of Meiji’s wiring devices is they provide us with the option to do mix-and-match. How? Let us take a sample scenario. You have an appliance you want to plug in an outlet, and at the same time, you wish to have a switch in the same area to control that appliance being plugged into the outlet. To accomplish this task, how can you ensure you do things the practical way? First off, having the outlet and switch in single area will be better to save space and to have easier control as you don’t have to go to a separate area to control the outlet’s power.

With Meiji Classic Series switches, this goal can be accomplished as there are many available modules or kits that offer choices of wiring device combinations.  And the great thing about it is that you can personally do it yourself. All you have to do is add on a switch unto the plate that controls it, and this solves the issue mentioned previously. No added cost for another set of switch or other devices such as extension cords. This way, you preserve the neatness and interior of your home.


Be practical! Simply purchase for yourself a Meiji set wiring device and do your own mix and matching. But what if  you’d like to change the other switch into a universal outlet and then add a switch? Answer: Go ahead! Meiji’s mix-and-match allows you to add on up to 3 elements, whenever you want, whatever you like!

There is a complete line of wiring devices available from the classic series collection. This Meiji wiring device feature definitely makes  it easier on the part of us, consumers. And since there are sudden add-ons we don’t expect, (i.e. a CCTV, computer outlet, telephone outlet, etc) we don’t need to worry because Meiji understands our needs.

Your wiring device will also be more durable as there will be no need to plug in and out of an appliance in the case of an outlet and switch combination; avoiding risks of worn out devices, and then again, saving you money.

Option to Change

One technical aspect to look at is the option to change devices within the module of the wiring devices, specifically the outlets. Meiji outlets have parallel screw type terminals as its unique feature. To explain, Philippines uses wires that are of AWG #12 Stranded type, having a quite thick 3.5mm2 wire cross sectional area, and its thickness cannot be handled or accommodated by conventional snap type connection of the utility box in our country. So connecting several outlets in a utility box is quite a hassle. But since Meiji employs parallel screw type terminal connections for its outlets, connecting the wires to the outlets will be a breeze. Simply screw on the AWG #12 wires and you are set, no need to deal with snapping them on which is much harder to do. Connecting additional outlets to the same box will be possible as the parallel type connection allows this. So with Meiji outlets, it is easier to install outlets, again making it more practical compared to other brands.

Also, safety and reliability is assured for these devise as it has ICC Certificates and passed international tests. With all of these in mind, choose the best! Choose Meiji for your wiring device needs for a better and practical living.

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