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What humanity has brought about through innovation in the last one and a half centuries is astounding. Because of electricity, crude and inefficient machinery has been rendered obsolete. Thanks to the ingenuity of people like Thomas Edison and Michael Faraday and others, man is now aided by the wonders of electricity inside and outside the home. Now, no street can be too dark, no house can be too dim, and no room is too shadowy to be in if one wills it.

Why does it seem like I’m writing the history of modern electricity or something like that? Well, it’ll make sense in a bit. What came with innovation is the advent of the increasing spiral of quality and efficiency. This tradition has been going on ever since the discovery of how electricity can be harnessed. Gadgets and machines and the way they work have always been increasing in quality ever since, and innovators around the world are constantly taking part in this process. This is where Meiji Electric comes in. Taking part in the process of creating efficient, effective, and extraordinary innovations for you is Meiji Electric. The tradition of good quality is delivered to you.

Quality: indoors and outdoors!

ike all of the products that Meiji presents and brings to you, their outdoor panel boards are a culmination of good quality and efficiency in accordance to their tradition of excellence and expertise. In addition to their home panels, now they bring in outdoor panelboards. It’s basic yet vital function of distributing electricity to smaller circuits so that it can be harnessed for more specific purposes. The thing is: electricity is not only useful indoors, but outdoor use as well, of course. That’s why there are panel boards for both purposes. But the quality of Meiji products is not limited only to indoor enjoyment, but outdoor satisfaction as well. That’s why Meiji brings you their Outdoor Panel Boards! Meiji Nema-3 Enclosure

What about it?

It’s a Nema 3R Enclosure for Outdoor. That’s what it’s technically referred as. What is needed for flood lights to switch on at a basketball court? What about the flood lights at a swimming pool? How about for something even just as simple as the air conditioners for houses? Well, aside from electricity of course, is a panel board. This panel board from Meiji specifically, helps you achieve not only the simple task of making sure your circuit breakers are functioning well, but also ensures it lasts long. So if you’re going to choose an outdoor panel board, why not acquire the one from Meiji so that you’ll be sure of its excellent performance and efficiency? What else? In this country, it’s a common practice to separate main breakers from their branches. And I’d say that it’s also a wise decision to pick this kind of outdoor panel even for this purpose.

From extension cords to panel boards, here at Meiji we got it! And the best thing is, they’re all quality products! So the next time you’re going to choose electrical equipment, why not make it Meiji?

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