Why Use Meiji Motion Sensor

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Isn’t it convenient when the lights automatically turn on when you enter a room? You don’t have to reach for the light switch and or have to find it in the dark. But aside from convenience, installing a Meiji Motion Sensor for your lighting fixtures can give you other advantages.

Here are some:

Conserve electricity

One of the major benefits of a Meiji Motion Sensor is that it can help you save substantial amounts of electricity. You and your family members and helpers have the possibility to forget to turn the lights off after you leave the room. Have Meiji Motion Sensor turn the lights off for you.

Also, accidentally leaving electrical devices on overnight contributes to a higher electricity bill. You’ll be able to light your garage, driveway, master’s bedroom, pantries, and entry ways only for the instances that you need to use them.


Meiji Motion Sensors are great deterrents from burglars, who may be startled by the sudden illumination or alarm. This can signal that someone is home. These can also alarm the neighbors that someone is trying to sneak into your house.


The cost of Meiji Motion Sensors range from P500 to P600, depending on the type, features, and style of the motion sensor you choose. Installing a motion sensor on your outdoor light can save more money which means your investment,will pay for itself in less than one year!

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Helps save the environment

Meiji Motion Sensors are great for lighting areas that you only use briefly, since they only stay on as long as you need. By automatically turning off after a few minutes, they prevent wasted electricity and help conserve energy resources. In fact, according to the Philippines Renewable Energy Data from IEA, the top source of energy in the Philippines is natural gas, which is used to generate electrical energy in our power plants. These are harmful to workers, pollute air and water, create greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to global warming. By using Meiji Motion Sensors, you also save the environment from the detrimental effects of natural gas!


Equipping your home with Meiji Motion Sensors gives you an added level of protection, especially when you leave your home. Also, when planning for your next vacation or extended trip away from home, it is highly recommended that you consider installing motion sensors into your home.  Not only will you be benefiting your home and family with this extra security, but your wallet and the environment will appreciate this as well.

13 responses to “Why Use Meiji Motion Sensor”

  1. Facundo Benavides says:

    Hi, I work as a Business Development consultant for Astoria Hotels&Resorts. I am very interested in achieving reducing electricty cost using your sensors. I was thinking the room bathrooms/CR should use a motion sensor, can you please help me on this? Can we keep the switch as is now but if is not turned off and no movement registered, it turn off automatically with your sensors?
    Also, any other recommendation you have outside the CR will be welcome.

  2. Hello,

    I’m from filrad corporation. I’m interested with your motion sensor. I’m planning to use this on a 500-1000watts UVC lights with a range of up to 6 meter or more and 360deg area range if possible. I would like to ask is you can provide a sensor that will turn off the light once the motion is detected. The normal motion detector will turn on the light, but what I want is the reverse. The supply and output voltage is 220Vac. Kindly provide the quotation so that I can order it immediately. Thank you

  3. Roque Torcuator says:

    hi im interested of your montion detector espicially using in stair light for the step

  4. Rocky Razon says:


    We’re interested in your motion detector switches for our basement parking here in the condo. Can you send someone to evaluate what we need. It’s a rather large area consisting of 2 basement levels across 8 buildings.

  5. rhein says:


    Im interested to buy one of y0ur motion detector. Pls kindly send me the details how. Thank y0u

  6. Victor S. Rosales says:

    Sir/Madam please send the complete specifications of the types of motion sensors.


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