Why Meiji Uses Metal Strap Switches

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Meiji offers its customers with high quality switches and outlets as well. These products are not only elegant to look at, but they are easy to install and they will surely last as they can withstand pressure due to long term usage. Both switches and outlets have the same principles employed for aesthetics and durability.

Meiji’s Metal Strap Switches

To understand the product more, let us take a deeper look at Meiji switches. Meiji switches like any typical switch has these parts: the switch itself which can be of different types, the strap, and finally the plate which serves as a cover for the switch and the utility box.

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The strap which is also called the yoke, is the part where the switch or outlet to be installed is clipped or attached. Then this strap is then screwed on to the utility box where the switch is being installed, and then finally a plate will be enclosed onto the box. Having so, the strap in installation has to be sturdy enough to support the body. Thus, Meiji uses metal straps.


Meiji employs a full metal material finish for their straps or yoke. Why metal? The deal is that one of the most common reasons of switches or outlets getting worn out or out of place is due to repeated usage or pressure. For switches, repeated flips or pushes introduces stress, and for outlets, repeated pulls and pushes of electrical plugs introduces a similar kind of stress. The stress is then transferred to the part which supports the switch or outlet, which is the strap or yoke. Once worn out, the switch or outlet will move deeper into the plate, as the strap supporting them had already worn out or bent or worse, broken. This scenario is the main cause for worn out switches or outlets. So Meiji uses a full metal strap  that comes along with their switches and outlets. The metal strap makes sure that upon attachment onto the utility box, the switch or outlet will be stable and can withstand constant and long pressure or usage, eliminating the risk for worn out scenarios. Thus, letting you save effort and money from replacing or repairing switches and outlets.

Not only are Meiji switches or outlets durable, they also look elegant as they are made from non-fading polycarbonate glossy-white finish. This type of finish will match any home interior and will surely last a long time! Meiji’s 30 year experience gives customers the best design for their needs by providing durable and elegant switches and outlets. Try it and see for yourself!

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