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Celebrating Halloween with costumes, decorations and trick or treat candies became one of the greatest memories during my childhood. It’s the time when I can be dressed whatever I want (obviously, something I couldn’t wear on a normal day! ) and a time you can be spooky, creepy and naughty at the same time without any worry that someone will be mad at you!  My childhood won’t be complete without  Halloween . I swear! 🙂

People nowadays became more creative in celebrating Halloween. From the costume they are wearing to the decoration of our houses. It became a season where you can showcase your creativity in a more interesting way.  If you want give this year’s Halloween a different twist, yet it seems that you are using the same decorations for years now. Meiji will help you make this season more exciting and fun without hurting your pockets.


Meiji Halloween Dolls

IntroducingMeiji Halloween Dolls!  But this is not your ordinary witch dolls. It has a motion sensor that creates a witch laugh sound with matching glowing red eyes whenever you create loud sounds like clapping.  Surely, this will be the center of attraction not only for the kids but also for the kids at heart (like me! ). Meiji Halloween doll is a perfect decoration  inside your house for your kids to enjoy,as well as a good welcome greeting to the children doing their trick or treats.  Exciting, isn’t it?

red eyes

It comes in four designs; gold, pink, blue and purple . And of course, every witch costume is not complete without the witch hat and the broom. Not to mention the it’s aged nose and chin. As one of  the all time favorite character of  Halloween, I’m sure Meiji Halloween dolls will do a great job.

Halloween is not just meant to be scary, frightful and creepy but a time we could have a family bonding moments. Try decorating your house together with your family members, wrap some candies for the trick or treat with your kids and invite your friends and relatives for a Halloween party. There is a lot of ways we could make this Halloween a memorable one. Happy Halloween! 🙂

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  1. Olive says:

    Hi and good day! I just want to inquire the cost of each doll and the dimensions. Do you ship also? Thank you.

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