Meiji Electric WOWED the Crowd at Worldbex 2016

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Meiji Electric at Worldbex 2016

Meiji Electric at Worldbex 2016

If you were one of the thousands of guests who visited Worldbex 2016 at the World Trade Center last March 16 to 20, I am sure you were drawn by the striking red and white booth of Meiji Electric. Guests couldn’t help but utter “WOW” when they pass by the modern-day booth.  It’s like a high-end shop of electrical items in the middle of the exhibit. Guests marveled at the various Meiji items that were showcased and arranged like cell phones in the booth. There were also two TV screens which displayed Meiji Electric’s other items. Not only were the products explained by the sales executives, there were also eye-catching models that accommodated all the guests’ queries.

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Equipment Display

Meiji Electric displayed their extensive line of electrical controls and distribution equipment. These include the complete line of `Meiji’ Classic Series Wiring Devices, Home Panel Boards, Circuit Breakers, Extension Cords, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs), Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVRs), Step-Down Transformers and Timers. Other innovative products such as USB outlets were also displayed during the exhibit.

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Many visitors were impressed with the three new Meiji items namely the Meiji 4-Port USB Extension Cord  MES1405, the 3’’x3’’Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter with 1 International Outlet and 2 USB Outlets MGU252, the Quad Extension Set with 4 International Outlets and 4 USB Outlets MES1404. All items were sold like hotcakes because of special bundled promos and special discount on some displayed items.

Lastly, Meiji Electric launched a raffle game, wherein lucky business card-droppers and visitors; especially those who bought items,  got a chance to win Meiji gift items like chocolates, Meiji tumblers, Meiji red polo shirts and Meiji white T-shirts.

Once again, thank you everyone for visiting Meiji Electric’s booth.  This is a great initial event for 2016! See you all again in the next upcoming trade show!

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