Meiji Electric Productively Handled its Crowd at WORDLBEX 2015!

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If you participated the WORLDBEX 2015 held at the World Trade Center Metro Manila, you might have visited the outstanding red booth with shining lights and gorgeous ladies. Or you might have won a prize of Meiji chocolate, or a tumbler or red Polo Shirt. You’re right, all of those stuffs point to Meiji Electric Philippines, Inc.


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Meiji Showcase at WORLDBEX 2015

The WORLDBEX 2015 became a good chance for Meiji Electric to present itself to the visitors of the event such as engineers, project managers, architects, interior designers, students and also some families.  They all had a great time dropping by our place. Because of Meiji’s innovative products that are prominently displayed products, industrial controls to observe and the thrilling prizes from raffle draws, guests had gone back and forth the Meiji Booth.


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Not only that. Meiji Electric offered guests a 10% discount on all displayed items!

Since the event was all about construction and building products, Meiji Electric grabbed this opportunity to introduce industrial, commercial and home electrical products which promotes innovation, safety and convenience. If the guests were on a dining set, the Flying Saucer Strip and the new USB outlet would be the main dish because a lot of them purchased.

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And yes, the raffle game helped a lot in drawing people near Meiji Electric’s booth and made them drop their business cards because exciting prizes such as white T-shirts and red Polo Shirts, tumblers, and even Meiji Chocolate bars awaits them.


031815 011


Confidently, Meiji Electric took a large part of the WORLDBEX market of the electrical controls and distribution. One more fruitful event has been participated by Meiji Electric that will help the company towards development and contribute to its goals!


Thank you very much!

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  1. Mr King says:

    Good Day ! Do you have magnetic contactor with starter for 15HP and 20HP motor?

    • Apple says:

      Hello Mr. King,
      Yes we do. Do you need an overload relay for your magnetic contactor? Please send in your contact details so that we can assist you better.
      Thank you po.

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