Meiji Electric did a Great Job in Participating IIEE Event

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If you have been part of the IIEE Expo 2014 at the SMX Convention Center, you might have seen or visited the red booth with a huge metal box at the center, shining white lights and dazzling Christmas Trees on the side. You’re right, that’s the booth of Meiji Electric Philippines, Inc.


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The IIEE Expo 2014 has become an opportunity for Meiji Electric to introduce itself to the delegates of the event and even to the public.  Guests such as developers, engineers, project managers, end-users and students had a great time visiting our area. With so much innovative products to see, industrial equipment to perceive and the exciting prizes from raffle draws, guests had gone back and forth the Meiji Booth.

Meiji Display at IIEE Expo 2014

The main attraction was the huge Capacitor Bank, placed in the middle of the booth, together with the panel boards on its side. This was the edge of the company as most of the visitors are electrical, electronics and communications engineers. Another plus was the innovative products displayed such as the Voltage Protector, the Flying Saucer Strip, the Meiji GFCI and the new USB outlet.



IMG_20141126_165409 IMG_20141126_165616IMG_20141126_165841










The other attraction that captivated the interest of most visitors, especially end-users, is the raffle draw where they won exciting prizes such as Meiji umbrellas, white T-shirts and red Polo Shirts , tumblers, and even Meiji Chocolate bars.


IMG_20141129_230129 IMG_20141129_231809 IMG_20141130_021002 IMG_20141130_051435







Surely, Meiji Electric took a great portion of the electrical controls and distribution market. Another successful event has been participated by Meiji Electric which will help the company towards growth and to further occupy the electrical controls and distribution, wiring devices and consumer markets.



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