Meiji Electric Got Besieged in the PHILCONSTRUCT 2014

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From the recent PHILCONSTRUCT 2014, a construction product exhibition, held at the SMX Convention Center, Meiji Electric had successfully presented its potential of leading the electrical controls and distribution market.

For four consecutive days, Meiji Electric’s booth was mobbed by a large crowd, particularly developers, architects, project managers, engineers and a lot of end users. Even celebrities and some government officials dropped by the place.

Through the glass mobiles and outstanding red, yellow and white color combination, perfectg glittering LED lights, home, commercial, industrial and Christmas product displays, together with Meiji sales personnel and two gorgeous models, Meiji Electric stood out on the first hall of the events arena.

Meiji’s Innovation at Display

Many guests were amazed by the new innovative products displayed in the booth such as the Meiji USB outlet, Meiji Flying Saucer Strip, the famous MGF250, Meiji Home Panels, Fiber Optic LED Christmas trees and the Christmas Villages. No wonder Meiji Electric got besieged in the said event.

Visitors can’t help themselves from coming back in the area as Meiji launched a raffle, where every two hours, a lucky business card-dropper wins a Meiji gift package which comprises of Meiji tumbler, Meiji red polo shirt and a Christmas tabletop decor.

But most importantly, the goal to top the electrical controls and distribution market in the construction materials product exhibit was accomplished. A lot of end users purchased right there and then due to Meiji’s 10% discount on all displayed items.

Also, other exhibitors went to the Meiji booth, to see Meiji Electric’s new innovative products that they might need for future projects or building requirements.

Another fruitful event has been marked on Meiji Electric’s milestones checklist.  See you for more upcoming trade shows.





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