Meiji Electric Assembles Motor Control Center

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A Motor Control Center (MCC) is a group of one or more enclosed sections having a common power bus and mostly containing motor control elements.

MCC History

MCCMotor Control Centers were first introduced in 1937 as a way to conserve wall and floor space in industrial facilities. Motor Control Centers have been used since 1950 by the car manufacturing industry which used in large numbers of electric motors. Before 1960, wall-mounted motor starters were used even if only a few motors were involved.

What are MCCs?

A Motor Control Center consists of totally enclosed and free-standing structures attached together. These sections support and cover control units. Motor Control Centers usually stand on floors, which are often required to have a fire-resistance rating. Fire-resistance may be required for cables that penetrate fire-rated floors and walls.

Every Motor Control Center may contain magnetic contactors, overload relays to protect the motor, a circuit breaker to provide short-circuit protection, and a disconnecting switch to isolate the motor circuit. They may also include variable frequency drives and be the electrical service entrance for the building. They are usually used for low voltage three-phase AC motors and provide wire ways for field control and power cables.

Each motor control in a Motor Control Center can be specified with a range of options such as separate control transformers, pilot lamps, control switches, various thermal overload protection relays, or various types of circuit breakers.

Nowadays, Motor Control Centers are used in countless industrial and commercial applications. They provide the most suitable method for grouping electrical motor control, monitoring, automation, and power distribution.

As one of the leading electrical supplier company, Meiji Electric had provided Motor Control Centers for certain industries. To name a few, these are: NY Marine, Oliver Ong Project, YL Fishing, Mega Fishing Corporation, Bounty Fresh Food Corporation.

Among others, entrust your demands to us, and let Meiji Electric engineer a reliable and versatile Motor Control Center, in a high quality yet compact and economical package.

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