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silver switchesA new addition to Meiji’s Wiring Device Collection: Champagne Series. This series comes with champagne black, champagne silver and champagne gold. Now, your wiring devices which include switches, outlets, telephone cable outlets and computer cable outlets can match your wall interior.

Made for Design

These days, many interior designers prefer wiring devices to blend well with the furniture in your home. Some would opt to compliment it with the walls or even the tiles at a particular area. Meiji therefore, wants to black outlets supplierSATISFY this demand. Durability without sacrificing aesthetics; this is what champagne series is all about.

Meiji came up with a classy champagne series still with the advantages of  Classic Series Wiring Devices. Yesss, its AFFORDABLE, don’t you worry! Meiji Champagne Series still have its metal strap to protect your switches from wear and tear pressures. It also has its mix-and-match accessory. You can still enjoy the wide touch for your Meiji switches. And the parallel screw type for your Meiji outlets. And what’s more, it still promotes the practicality and reliability that Meiji Wiring Devices are known for! gold cable outlets

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