Meiji 2013 Fiber Optic Christmas Trees Collection

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Another year about to end… It’s really drawing near…Do you know it’s Christmas time at all?(SONG SYMBOL)

We’re starting to hear songs at the shopping malls. We see bazaars left and right. And ladies, our four lettered favorite word S-A-L-E are everywhere! You know it’s Christmas! So, are you filling your house with the warmth of Christmas spirit?

Meiji came up with new ways to make your Christmas this year more colorful and cost-efficient. Who says these dilemmas should stop us from showcasing our creativity this season? No matter how busy you are and tight your budget may be, worry no more, because Meiji Electric is here to help you decorate your home and make it more beautiful as it is!

This 2013, Meiji Electric introduces its new collection of Fiber optic with multi-colored LED Christmas trees.


Want to add some drama to your Christmas trees? The downward movement of white LED lights elude a feeling of calmness and relaxation. If you’re the type to relax and unwind on your living room, this Meiji fiber optic tree is perfect for your “emo” moments. This would surely light up the spot on your porches or garden too.

Meiji_ raindrop


How about a bright colorful touch of Christmas tree? Looking at this Meiji Christmas tree from afar will give you an illusion of a bunch of colorful butterflies resting on a tree.

Many of us enjoy varying colors during Christmas. In my opinion, colors signify joy. Perhaps it’s why there is a saying, rainbow after the rain. This Meiji Christmas tree is simple, yet colorful. It is up to you if you would still include Christmas decors in it. But again for busy moms and home owners, this tree does not only save you the money of buying decors, but also the time of choosing and placing them on your tree.



Usually Christmas decors in the decor section include Christmas balls. Why? It’s simple yet elegant. It also gives your Christmas tree a fuller look. So this year, Meiji brings you its 2013 version of Christmas tree with small balls.

Many of our valued customers say this is a great buy because it’s so easy to assemble and disassemble. Meiji small balls Christmas tree is also very neatly decorated so all you have to do is open its leaves, plug-in the adapter and voila! You’re colorfully, wonderfully set for a Christmas party.



The second favorite on Christmas decors is the star. As we know, the star symbolizes the guide for the 3 kings or the 3 wise men in pursuit of the Messiah. And what good news it brings knowing that today our Messiah lives in our hearts and remembered in our homes.

The Meiji acrylic star Christmas tree is an improvement of the last year’s Meiji fiber optic with star tree.


Meiji’s Fiber Optic with LED collection of Christmas trees is the wisest choice for Christmas trees this season. Apart from the convenience it offers: you only need to open and close its leaves to assemble and disassemble respectively, the cost-efficiency: LED and fiber optics combined, safety: no over heating of lightsĀ  and the beauty it offers: bright, colorful lights, it is something worth your time and effort in purchasing.

At our home, we had been using our Meiji fiber optic tree for going 6 years now and it still works well. We plan to get another one of the colorful trees to place it beside the door. A sure way to welcoming the Christmas spirit in our home.

We know that Christmas trees are good reminders and decors for Christmas. Afterall, Christmas is a season to celebrate, a time to be joyful and creative at the same time. But let us not forget the reason for celebrating this season. The birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior was born to save and serve mankind. May we all accept it with repented hearts.

Merry Christmas Meiji readers!

4 responses to “Meiji 2013 Fiber Optic Christmas Trees Collection”

  1. Julie Benabaye says:

    Hi Ellein,

    I’m very interested in your fibre optic trees! Would you be so kind as to send me the price list for “ACRYLIC-STARS CHRISTMAS TREES”, “SMALL- BALLS CHRISTMAS TREE” and the “PINE-CONE CHRISTMAS TREE”? I’d like to know how much one would cost, preferably of all the sizes of the three types, so we know which ones would look best in our living room and yet be within our budget, also, I’ll be showing the designs to my little cousins, so they can pick the one they like best, too. Do you also deliver items to Mandaluyong (Tivoli Garden Residences), or ship? If so, how much would the additional cost?

    I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you, and more power!

    Sending my best,

    • Ellein says:

      Hello Julie,

      Thank you for your interest in our Fiber optic Christmas Tree Collection. Kindly check your your email for the price list and delivery charge. You may also visit our showroom here at #1 Mabolo St., New Manila, Quezon City together with your cousins for them to see all the Christmas tree and other Christmas items personally. šŸ™‚

      Merry Christmas! šŸ™‚

  2. assenav says:

    Kindly send me an email re price quote of ur xmas trees.

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