Meiji 2013 Christmas Village Collection

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Can’t get enough with Christmas Villages? Well, wait no more! For 2013 Christmas Collection is ready to rock your world this Yuletide season.  Introducing, five designs that will remind us of the joyful spirit of this much awaited time of the year. Are you ready for a tour? So am I!

Let’s start with Meiji Moving Cable car (YN-CC). Meiji Moving Cable Car consists of two houses being connected by a cable car. Riding a cable car in the middle of a village laden with snow in Christmas season where you can see different Christmas lights and decorations, isn’t that fun?

christmas village w moving cable car

Meiji Moving Cable car with Skiing kids (YN-CS)

Want to add some drama with the cable cars? Try Meiji Moving Cable car with Skiing kids (YN-CS). It highlights the adventure we could experience during Christmas season. From the left; you can see the kids skiing from the house on top of the hill connected to another house by the cable cars. These are kids sliding down! Remember how you used to enjoy your slide?

At the bottom are friends having their chit chat. I wonder if they are talking about their ski experience.

christmas village w cablecar and skiing

Meiji Fiber Optic with Falls (YN-BF)

Next stop, Meiji Fiber Optic with Falls (YN-BF). If there is something that is always included in Meiji’s Christmas Village Collection year after year, it is the moving train. But now, we included another twist to spice it up. Aside from the moving train on top, is a fiber optic waterfall at the bottom. Be amazed on how it changes its color after 3 seconds.

christmas village w fiber optic waterfall

Meiji Christmas Village Santa and Running Reindeer (YN-SR)

With Meiji Christmas Village Santa and Running Reindeer (YN-SR), I’m sure you’ll end up singing the famous Christmas song “Santa Claus is coming to Town!” Moms? These are for the young ones looking forward to Christmas Eve. See how Santa’s on their way to deliver gifts for the good kids this year? Personally, I remember myself crying for how many days when the time my parents forgot to put a card to my gifts, and I thought I was naughty on Santa’s list (Hahaha!). I can’t help myself but to remember those days every time I see this Christmas village. 🙂

See that elf at the bottom carrying gifts? I ‘m curious whose that lucky kid who will receive that.

christmas village w running raindeers

Meiji Santa Ski with Running Lights (YN-SK)

Last but definitely not the least, Meiji Santa Ski with Running Lights (YN-SK). Who say Santa Claus couldn’t ride a ski? Well, giant Santa can! How about the running lights on Santa’s ski and snow? Cool, right? I’m sure most of the guys will go for it! 🙂

santa skii w running lights

So, there you go guys! Meiji’s 2013 Christmas Village Collection. More reason to keep collecting year after year. If you haven’t been into collecting Christmas Village, now is the perfect time you should start building your own Christmas Village. Have a Merry Christmas everyone. 🙂

christmas village 2013 collection

23 responses to “Meiji 2013 Christmas Village Collection”

  1. carla abella says:

    please send me ur pricelist of ur xmas village 2011=2013. thank you.

    • John says:

      Hi Carla,

      Thank you for your interest to our Christmas items. I’ll email the price list you are requesting.

      thanks again! God bless.

  2. Krezia Abiertas says:

    can i have the pricelist?how much do you require if its for delivery?

    • John says:

      Hi Krezia,

      You might be interested on some of our Christmas items. I’ll email you the price list of all our Christmas items.


  3. bernadette says:

    hi, can you email me the pricelist? where can i buy your products? thank you

    • John says:

      Hi Bernadette!

      You might be interested also with some of other Meiji Christmas items. I’ll email you the price list.
      You can buy these at our main office located at 1 Mabolo St. New Manila Quezon City.


  4. lovelyn says:

    Good day! Just want to know the prices of the ff.
    Meiji moving cable car (YN-CC)
    Meji Fiber optic w/ falls (yn-bf)
    Christmas village santa and running reindeer (yn-sr)
    Santa ski w/running lights
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thanks so much
    Lovelyn knotts

  5. Sheryll says:

    Hi, good day can you email me the pricelists of your christmas village 2010-2013? Are your products especially christmas village collection canbe found in malls?tnx

    • John says:

      Hi Sheryll,

      you might be interested with other Christmas items, so I’ll email you our Christmas items price list. And yes, our Christmas items are available in Ace Hardware and Handyman, but on selected branches only. Please tell us your location so we can advise you where to buy.


  6. daisy celestra says:

    available po ba lahat ng mga ito kahit past year na? pwede rin po ba pasend ng mga price nito. sobrang interesado kasi talaga ako eh pls!


    Can you send me the pricelist of your christmas village collection.

    Thanks and will look forward to it.


  8. Chenie says:

    Hi. Im very much interested in you Christmas villages. Do you have new collections, if not, 2011-2013 are perfectly ok. Would you mind, if you could send me a price list.


  9. Manami issavnina says:

    Hi, I’m interested in your Christmas village. I would like to buy one, can I have a price list and buy? And can you send it to Japan?

  10. Justine says:

    Kindly email me the pricelist.

  11. Michael says:

    Hi are the items is still available?
    Please email me the pricelist of YN-CC, YN-CS and YN–SR and YN-SK.
    Thank you!

  12. Irish says:

    Hi good evening . Can u kindly email me your price list my. Umm. M. Bumming mm mgmgmjubvrvWAYrtyyrsb. uHbuhuugu hgug. gUgu buu bum for Christmas Village? My email add is
    Thanks !

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