How Long Will Your Panel board Last?

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This is not really a usual question you hear around town, or even ones you might say out loud. Some who are ignorant may even think it to be unnecessary to ask such questions. But you, who know where your power comes from, have you thought about this?rust on panel boards

As some of our previous articles have explained, panel boards are usually kept in the untouched, dark places of your home. Personal reasons such as to keep out of reach for children, unfitting of the home’s interior; “I don’t know how to operate it” are a majority. There, we also discussed how these concerns can be settled without you not being aware anymore of the condition of your panel board and breakers.

The panel board in your home can actually last your whole lifetime. Surprised? Don’t be! Let me explain why. This is because technically speaking, panels and breakers in general should follow the set code regulated gauge and finishing. Meiji powder coated panel boards is one way to prevent rust and other forces of nature from deteriorating it.

The main component of a panel board enclosure is its bus bar or electrical conducting material. The bus bars again should follow internationally accepted ampacities (Ampere Capacity; whether it be IEC or NEMA standard.

Also, a panel board is not complete without its circuit breaker. These as well, should follow internationally accepted standards regulated by IEC and/or NEMA.

As long as you and your technician/electrician agree to follow the proper standards and other required electrical, mechanical and the other parameters under normal usage, you don’t’ have to worry because these will always last more than any of our lifetimes. There is not a need for you to change.

But to give you a fuller knowledge about the topic, what are the common problems encountered in our panel boards?

1. Problematic Electrical Wiring

Electrical wires being used should be properly rated. The electrical cables used should be able to withstand the load required. Connecting undersized wires may cause over heating, fires and will seriously destroy the performance of a circuit breaker which will affect the entire panel board.

Knowing that these cables carry high power and electricity to supply your home, unauthorized personnel are strictly prohibited to tamper with the connections. Only authorized employees are allowed to open or make major installation changes. The end users are only limited to turning on and off the circuit breakers.

Under Sizing of the Circuit Breakers

As mentioned above all circuit breakers inside the panel board should be designed in accordance with the electrical code and other internationally accepted standards. One common problem is premature tripping of a certain breaker due to erroneous Ampered rating being used. Example: A room air conditioner should have a minimum of a 20-30A breaker. Putting a 10A or lower one will cause the breaker to trip because of the under sized load installed.

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