Knowing 3 Wiring Accessories Needed for Every Home

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In every home, we need at least 3 essential wiring accessories. These accessories are not the immediate things we buy for our home. But sooner than later, we find ourselves going to the nearest hardware stores to buy ourselves these items.

This hope aims to inform you that indeed in every home, these 3 items are inevitable to buy. So make sure to have the best brand in mind. One that lasts for a long time. You can also buy yourselves extra pieces in case of new purchases of appliances.


Some of the appliances we buy abroad or ones that have been generously sent from abroad  do not have the same flat 220V plug that we use here in the Philippines. In this way, it would be a bigger hassle, not to mention more expensive to buy another socket outlet in hardware stores. Instead, we opt for round to flat adaptors or in other cases, flat to round adapters. This way, we just plug the adapter the plug of the appliance and voila! We can enjoy our new appliances/gadgets etc. While adapters are such a big convenience, we also have to consider their ratings because common sense tells us that power loads also go through this accessory since it is plugged into the wire. So make sure to have at least 10-20A especially when you are to plug it unto heating elements such as (flattening irons, hair dryers, curling irons and the like).

Nowadays, it is so convenient to buy universal adapters/universal traveling adapters because  one: it is portable! Bring it with you anywhere. And two: it’s universal! You don’t need to worry what type of plug Great Britain, England, Australia, China or HongKong uses because you have them all in your traveling universal adapter!emergency light with fan


No one can really tell when the lights go out or when Meralco suddenly couldn’t provide power for your house or office because of maintenance check-up and others. So keeping emergency lights at home (more than 2 if possible) is very useful.

Nowadays, there are emergency lights of LED type which can save your battery life much longer. There are also ones with a fan or radio. The fan for me is especially useful since you have no power to turn on your stand fan not unless you have your generators ready.

As much as possible, let’s try to avoid using candles during power outages. This results in such bigger hassles and discomforts when candles accidentally falls or burns someone/something.


In many occasions, the plugs that are connected to our gadgets or appliances are not enough to the outlet that we use it for. When this happens, we use extension cords in order for us to conveniently and comfortably use our gadgets. Same as true with adapters, we must also make sure that we use the appropriate extension cords. By this we urge to check the wattage/ampere rating of the appliances that will be plugged into the respective extension units.

Also make sure that you keep the wires of extension cords properly extended and not curled as this can cause complications and easy wear-out. Check out our post on how to to safely use your cords. It is also safe to properly keep these items organized and kept well to avoid accidents and injuries.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”- Colin Powell.

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