How does a Key Card Switch Work?



Key Card Switches are generally used in hotels and high end condominiums.  After check-in verification in hotels, the front desk personnel will give the guest a key card to his/her assigned room. Upon getting into the assigned room and inserting the key card in a key card slot by the main door of the room, all the lights and other controlled circuits will automatically turn on. Upon leaving the room, guests remove the key card and the lights and other controlled circuits will turn off after a standby delay of a few seconds. This is to ensure that the guest/s have safely exited the room before the power turns off. Aside from the aesthetically appealing design, hospitality establishments install key card switches to help reduce energy costs. This is because all lighting, heating and power (aside from the refrigerator) circuits only become operational once the card is inserted in the key card slot.





A little known fact for hotel guests is that in order for a key card switch to effectively operate, it needs a control panel. The Meiji Home Panel with Key Card Control has circuit breakers, timer/s and magnetic contactor/s to effectively operate Key Card Switches commonly installed in hospitality establishments. A magnetic contactor is a switchgear device that is like a relay but has a higher current capacity. It is mechanically and electrically durable to withstand frequent switching on and off operations with high power. The housing of the Meiji Home Panel with Key Card Control is a modular powder coated metal distribution box applicable for electric circuit terminals rated at 220/400V, 60Hz. The cover is made of special fire retardant, impact resistant ABS PC alloy material with slot/s for timer/s and magnetic contactor/s.  Various hotels in the Philippines have already installed this in their individual rooms so you are sure of its safety and durability.



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  1. Emmanuel Essien says:

    i want to purchase your product, contact me on the price and how to get it thanks.

  2. Dada says:

    I’m planning to build a 4 Units of rental properties here in La Union. I would like to have this keycard electricity controller to ensure low cost of electricity. Please send me more details. Thanks

    My phone number 072-888-7296 or 09209459447. I will be expecting your call. Thanks

  3. Chadi Hammoud says:

    Hi I have a 2 story unit in Baguio city which rented in a daily bases. I was looking for electrical switch key circuit to save in electricity when my guests are out of the unit. Please send me a quotation about the price. Thank you

    • John says:


      We need the specs so we can quote.


      • Dada says:

        I’m building 4 rooms, I want a separate key card for each. Please get back to me at 09209459447. I already sent you the electrical plan before

      • CHADI HAMMOUD says:


        • John says:

          Hi Chadi,

          Sorry but we don’t compute. We can give you a quotation of Key Card Switch if you can give us the specs of your panel. 🙂

          We’ll send our brochure for your reference.

          Thank you

  4. Kimberly Mark Q. Tan says:

    Hi I have a 1 unit in my city which i am building . I was looking for electrical switch key circuit that can automatically open the 6 light 4 outlet 1 water heater, 1 refrigerator and 1 aircon. Does this electrical switch key circuit support or have terminals that has at least 2 circuit for minimal load and 3 circuits for high loads.

    so i can save electricity when my guests are out of the unit. Please send me a quotation about the maximum ampere and how many outgoing terminal it has and if it can support high load and for the price. Thank you

  5. Zen San Antonio says:

    request qquotation for key card switch only

  6. Jimmy D Caranto says:

    hi ,
    Would like to ask something about key card access , we have 60 ampere main and with four branches such us 1-20 ampere for lighting , 3-30 amperes for ACU, WATER HEATER and Convenience Outlet


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