JVM 16-63 Miniature Circuit Breaker

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Miniature Circuit Breaker

Miniature Circuit BreakerApplication Scope

Applicable to circuit with rated voltage not exceeding 400V, rated frequency 50/60HZ and rated current not exceeding 63A. Gives protectiona nd control of circuits against overload and short circuits in commercial and household installation.


Normal Operation and mounting requirement

  • Atmosphere temperature -5 degree C ~ +40 degree C, average temperature not exceeding 35 degree C.
  • Altitude above sea level less than 2000m.
  • Humidity not exceeding 50% and at 40 degree C and not exceeding 90% at 25 degree C
  • Installation class II or III
  • Pollution class II.
  • Installation method DIN rail mounting type.
  • The excternal magnetism shall not be more than 5 times of terrestrial one.
  • Product shall be installed vertically at the place where there shall be no servere impact and vibration.

The product is switched on when the handle is at upper position.


Construction features

The electric current characteristics of this circuit breaker can not be changed with outside mechanical tool. Any accessoried made of ferrous metal material should have proper anti-rusting measures. The operating handle must be flexble and free to function at on and off position. The tripping mechanism is independent of the mechanical function of the outside handle.

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