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Meiji Contactor Transfer Switch (CTS) is designed to provide matchless performance, reliability and versatility for back-up power applications. It quickly and safely shifts the load circuit from a normal power source to the emergency source, permitting light and heavy-duty loads to continue running with minimal or no outage in momentary losses of power.

Contactor-type Transfer Switch

A Contactor-type Transfer Switch is electrically operated and mechanically held. It operates faster than a breaker-type transfer switch which reduces transfer time. It functions accurately in forming the interface between the generator set, utility power and the consuming electrical equipment. It monitors power sources when power failure happens. The built-in contactors are installed for frequent switching of the load current and commonly used as a part of the motor starters.


When the utility power fails, the CTS will signal the generator to start. If the generator has reached operating speeds with precise frequency and voltage levels, the transfer switch will disconnect the utility source and connect the generator. The design of the CTS contacts makes it impossible for both sources to be connected simultaneously.

After the utility power is restored, the CTS returns the load to the normal power. A generator cool down timer is then initiated. After the cool down period, the generator automatically shuts down the CTS back into monitory mode and stands ready for the next power outage. The CTS also regularly runs test cycles to make sure your backup generator is ready when you need it.

Buildings which utilize a generator power to keep critical circuits running like fire pumps, computer systems, gaming, and hospital equipment should use an automatic transfer switch, particularly CTS. Home circuits will be conveniently electrified when the 100% generator power can be utilized to a preferred area of the house as ordinary ATS can’t.

Every equipment that is connected to the line and backed up by a generator set needs a transfer switch for shifting the power sources when needed.

Make sure to go for a reliable and appropriate automatic transfer switch, especially Contactor-type Transfer Switch to maximize the power usage and experience total convenience during power outages.


With Meiji CTS, your investment is worth it!


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