How Your Aircon Inverter Helps You Save

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Have you experienced flickering lights when turning on your air conditioner? Do you wish your electricity bill were not as high during summer? If so, then you might just need an inverter air conditioner to solve these problems.

Conventional air conditioners

These take up a lot of energy during start up and shut down. This not only wastes electricity but also cause power surges, thus explaining why lights flicker. The good news is that an inverter air conditioner uses less electricity than conventional units.

Ordinary air conditioners use up too much electricity to keep a room cool

This is because of the energy inefficiency occurring at the refrigerant compressor. In an inverter air conditioner, inefficiencies are eliminated by keeping the compressor pumped at all times. While this may seem as if keeping the pumps running would use up more energy, it actually won’t.


Inverter technology works like the accelerator of your car – increasing or decreasing power consumption as needed. Thus, this offers significant energy savings to users. An inverter can also adjust speed according to the temperature requirement. The compressor motor is constantly regulated automatically to maintain the right temperature. Non-inverter air conditioners need to completely turn on or off the compressor to regulate room temperature. So imagine driving your car. When you stop, you only step on the breaks, you don’t turn off the engine.

This is how inverter technology works. In non-inverter units, you turn off your car every time you need to stop and turn it on again when you need to go.


It ’s a smart way of regulating everything from temperature to electricity consumption. Aside from these, inverter air conditioning systems are usually more powerful than conventional ones. They are also more environment friendly and run quieter.

Despite being more expensive initially, inverter air conditioners are cheaper in the long run – at least 30% – 50% cheaper.

The benefits of an inverter air-conditioner include:

  • Far quicker to achieve desired room temperature
  • Much quieter
  • No temperature fluctuations, maximizing comfort level
  • Lower starting current compared with ordinary air conditioners
  • More environment friendly

Note that “inverter” is not a brand, rather it is a technology that allows you a more efficient and environment friendly way of cooling yourselves. There are many companies offering inverter air conditioner so do your research before investing in one. The initial cost may be higher than ordinary units, but it will be worth every penny.

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    Hi, I was told that the benefit of an inverter technology can be obatained if the unit is on for at least 8 hours continuously, therefore, one does not achieve the optimal benefit from an inverter aircon that is turned on only a few hours. Unlike in the case of a refrigerator which is turned on 24/7. That makes me wonder if an inverter A/C is still a worthy investment, considering the time the unit is turned on.

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