Introducing the MEIJI 4-Port USB Charger Extension Cord

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It’s 2016 already and with the ever growing selection of electronic gadgets (iPhone, iPads, Android Devices, Smart watches etc.), it seems that it’s about time to upgrade power outlets with USB functionality.

New 4-Port USB Charger Extension Cord

20160108_143439Introducing the new Meiji 4-Port USB Charger Extension Cord (MES-1405). It comes in a revolutionary 4 USB outlets that has two 2 Amperes (for tablets and laptops) and two 1 Ampere (for cell phones, MP3 players, etc.) of charging power.  Now you can charge up to four electronic devices simultaneously. The device is strategically designed with four generously spaced horizontal USB Ports which provides additional room for maneuvering of charging cords and reduces entangling of cables while charging. Plus, adapter-free charging eliminates the need to buy a separate adaptor just to charge your device. This is especially useful for electronic devices whose USB charger does not come with an adaptor. There is also a LED light display when you switch the on/ power button.  Lastly, its 2 meters cord length and compact design makes it very portable, and convenient for traveling.


The Meiji 4-Port USB Charger Extension Cord is especially made to be compatible with the latest technology with an aesthetically appealing design. Now you can spend less time charging your devices and more time enjoying them!

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