Must-Haves: Most Important Appliances You Need In Your Home

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meiji avr tv philippines

In every home, there should be appliances that are considered as vital for your day to day existence.

So if you have moved to a new home or moving out for the first time, you definitely need these five most essential appliances. An AVR in the Philippines, for example, and that’s just one of many. Here are the rest.

meiji avr tv philippines


We live in a visual age. We love watching how-to videos, we love watching food get cooked, and we love to see what is going on around the world. This is where the television comes in. A television delivers to us the news we need to know, entertains us with heart stopping action films, and even educate educate kids. It is no wonder why many consider the television to be a must have in every home in the neighborhood.

flat iron meiji avr philippines


You should always make a good impression. But how are you supposed to make a good impression if your clothing is all crumpled up and wrinkled? That’s why you need to iron your clothes. The first irons were heated up not by electricity but by hot coals. In some countries, burning coconut husks were used in place of charcoal and were so heavy, you had to be extremely careful not to burn the clothes. Fortunately today, we have the electric iron, which weighs much less. An iron can easily remove the creases and folds of your clothing and help make you look your best. Choose one that has multiple heat settings to make ironing a breeze.

refrigerator meiji avr philippines


What was life like before the invention of the refrigerator? For centuries people used icehouses or giant jars to keep their food from spoiling. Now, imagine filling your home with jars just to stop the food from spoiling or digging a basement for the sole purpose of cooling your meal. Good thing today we have refrigerators these days. It is an essential in every home. And nowadays, refrigerators almost always have a freezer built in them.

There are numerous varieties: double door, absorption, magnetic… the list goes on and on! One thing is for sure: these fridges were made for preserving your food and keeping ‘em cool.

washinh machine meiji avr philippines

Washing Machine

Back in the day, one of the most reliable methods to get the stain out of clothing was to trample on them in a large tub of hot water. This way the dirt and stain would get loose, making it easir for them to be washed out. But today, you do not have to do that with your delicate clothing nor your favorite t-shirt, thanks to the washing machine. This appliance lessens peoples’ time spent in . No longer do you have to scrub tons of clothes by hand. Just toss ‘em into the washing machine, add detergent and voila! Clean clothes!

electric range meiji avr philippines

Gas or Electric Range

Back in the day, people had to look for firewood just to cook food. But now, in the twenty-first century, we have cooking ranges, both gas and electric. These ranges are a vital part of every home; without them, how on earth will you cook your meal?

Gas or electric ranges can be as simple as a two range unit to one with as many as eight with a stove underneath.

There you have it – the five most important appliances you should have in your household. Can you even imagine life without them?

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