How to Know When Your House Needs to be Rewired

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faulty wirings

Don’t let faulty wires get in the way of your happy home. Faulty wires can be the start of electric problems and worse, fire-prone issues as well. That’s why this part of your house should always be in check and made sure to follow building regulations.

How long has it been since your house was last rewired?

Twenty-five to thirty years are long enough. If it happens to be so since someone last took a look-see at your wiring system, chances are that you should have it updated immediately just to bring it to modern standards.

When it’s time to remodel

Also, if you are planning to do grand remodeling of your home this year, it’s also wise to do some rewiring and make sure you follow the Building Regulations. This is true with having additions to your house such as extensions or simply going for conversions like the garage. When it constitutes new work, then you bet it could use some rewiring to follow Electrical Safety.

Existing wiring will have to be improved for it to be able to carry additional loads of power without having difficulties. Unless they are newly added renovations,then you do not have to commit n rewiring all parts.

How to tell if you have faulty wiring?

To be totally sure, testing is the only way. However, if there are obvious warning signs before you submit it to testing then you can consider rewiring your home.

Here are some of the signs of a faulty wiring:

1. Clear signs or overheating at socket outlets or if there are any damage to the switches, and lights.

2.Usage of extension leads and socket outlet adaptors.

3. Round pin type socket-outlets are also indications of an old installation that needs some updated wiring.

4. If you find your fuse box having a wooden back, cast iron switches, or a slapdash mixture of fuses, you can be sure that it dates back prior to the 1960s and are in need of a replacement.

Another thing to be kept in mind when checking if rewiring is necessary is to see if the property has a mix of sockets and switches styles in every room. That is also one way of to verify if it has already been rewired or not.

The color and style of the cabling is one other hint. You can see it at light fittings just around the fuse box. Commonly, electrical installations of today are wired in PVCu insulated cable in the shade of if not grey then white. If you do not see it as white or grey, then rewiring is a possible course of action. Also, rubber, fabric or lead insulated cabling also calls for replacement as it can be dangerous if let to rot and/or breakdown the insulation that paves way to short circuiting and eventually fire perils and even risky electrocution.

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