Why Giving Is The Real Meaning of Christmas

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Christmas is drawing near, and everyone is beginning to get into the festive mood during this time of the year. Perhaps to a lot of us, we have taken Christmas for granted and leave it to be like one of those holidays that lose their true essential meaning. Have we forgotten what the real meaning Christmas is? Maybe we have an idea of what it is, but how are we sure? A lot of people (including me) would agree that giving is the real meaning of Christmas – brought about by the observation and the fact that there are a lot of gifts being given during that time. But is that the only reason why giving is considered to be the theme or the real meaning, or is there more to it than that?

Throughout the decades, the idea of Christmas has been clouded by popular culture starting with Santa Claus and carols and certain traditions. This was spread by media throughout time and has been adopted by most of the world as a result. Well, the tradition of celebrating Christmas as a holiday started long ago way back in the Middle Ages, but it was popularized back in the 19th century through literature and art. To break things down even further, the word itself – Christmas, is derived from the words “Christ” and “Mass.” Clearly, Jesus Christ of the Christian faith has something to do with this. Well, it is pretty obvious with the display of nativity scenes with the baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Magi, shepherds, and the angels. However, what does this all mean and why is this related to Christmas and giving?

The Meaning of Christmas

You see, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of belenJesus Christ. He, who is God and eternally existent, came down to take the form of a man in order to save humanity from their sins. This is the BEST REPRESENTATION of how and WHY GIVING is the REAL  meaning of Christmas.

It all began with the best gift humanity has received from God – the gift of himself. All of humanity have sinned and are unable to save themselves from the punishment of eternal damnation no matter how hard they try. That’s why the gift of salvation from God became relevant. Now, in the parts of the world influenced by Christianity, (or even by western culture in general) giving is practiced as a commemoration of the ultimate gift.

Giving is the real meaning of Christmas because it is the very essence of love, unselfishness, and humility. In light of remembering the priceless free gift that was given to us from above, let’s celebrate it by showing to one another how much we value each other in return to show our gratitude.

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