Having a Ground-Proof Outlet in your Home

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meiji gfciHave you ever wished to yourself,” If only I can play my Mp3 or iPod while taking a bath, dry my hair with a hair blower or use my electronic shaver inside the bathroom without any fear of electric shocks, it would be fantastic!” Wish no more because with a ground proof, Meiji GFCI, it can happen.

There are a lot of things that we want to do inside our home but afraid to because of fear of accidents. One of the most common and fatal accidents inside a home is electrocution leading to death caused by electric shock. This happens frequently in wet areas like bathroom,  laundry and kitchen. And of course, none of us want that to happen inside our own homes. So like what they always say, Prevention is better than cure, we should always put our family’s safety on top priority. You wouldn’t just want to sit there and wait until something bad happens to them, right? We want an assurance that our home is safe to live in without compromising the things we usually do.

Install a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet.

This is the best thing to do to assure the safety of your loved ones in your home. a GFCI will automatically trip or quickly stop the flow of electricity to our body in the event of a ground fault to prevent any serious injury. It prevents dangerous and life-threatening accidents as we use electrical and electronic devices while our hands are wet. There may also be times that we do not immediately notice cut and broken wires of our kitchen appliances which can be very dangerous. The operation of washing machine and other wet area equipments can also cause serious accidents if not used properly. So imagine how many house accidents will be prevented if every home uses a Meiji GFCI?


Studies show that 99% of the female and infants’ population have a “let go” limit of 6 milliamps. Meaning, higher than 6 milliamps can cause painful shock and you begin to lose muscular control. But, with Meiji’s Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, the moment ground fault reaches 6 milliamps, it will immediately trip and not reach a person’s body. It comes with 2 designs, the GF-250 for 220V and LG-20 for 110V which both have 2 parallel outlets. Meiji’s, MGF250 is the first GFCI with combination of International and Universal outlets. Surely, with Meiji’s GFCI, you can never go wrong!

So now, girls will have no worry blow-drying their hair after shower and guys can do their shaving inside the bathrooms while every mom out there can do their laundry and dishes with no worry of electric shock. But always remember that accidents happen unexpectedly. And it excuses no one. So to counterattack, we need to be double cautious inside our homes. And we can not do it alone, we need the right partners to take good care of our family and loved ones, and you can trust Meiji’s GFCI to do just the job.

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