Enhancing Renewable Energy Supply with Transfer Switches

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As technology continues to advance, some might neglect the natural energy we can get from Mother Nature. To be significant, we should utilize what has been naturally entrusted to us and at the same time, enjoy the perks we can get from our natural resources.

Renewable Energy

rERenewable energy, as defined by Wikipedia, is the power that comes from resources that are naturally replenished like sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and heat energy stored in the Earth.

Renewable energy substitutes the usual fuels we use in running motors, energy services and electricity generation. The mainstream renewable energy sources are wind power, hydropower (energy in water), biomass (energy from plants materials), geothermal energy (energy stored in the earth) and solar energy.

And because it is widely used all over the world mainly in power plants, business establishments and even in our homes, it results to significant energy security, climate change treatment and a lot of economic benefits.

There is a strong support of promoting renewables sources particularly solar power and wind power. These kinds of energy source provide 19% of electricity generation worldwide including households.” -International Public Opinion Survey

Growth of Renewable Energy

According to the Renewables Global Features report last year, 2013, national renewable energy markets are projected to continue to grow strongly in the coming decade and beyond. Here in the Philippines, specifically in Palawan, there will be a large micro-grid power plant generating clean renewable energy.

Some local residents nationwide have renewable energy technologies (Solar Panels, Wind turbines, etc.) already. With these advances, it would be cost-efficient  for you to have another source of power aside from the usual distributor of electricity power (MERALCO).

You can definitely use renewable technology with or without generators as a substitute for emergencies especially when you experience power outage in a home.

Manual Transfer Switch1

As we are informed, we cannot use both emergency power and normal power (MERALCO) at the same time, or else, it would start a fire or even blow out a house.  In this case, a Transfer Switch is a necessity.

Transfer Switch Utility

With the help of a transfer switch with a built-in interlocking system, may it be manual or automatic transfer switch, we can easily transfer power from one source to another safely.

Meiji Electric offers three types of transfer switches, Manual Transfer Switch (MTS), Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and Contactor Transfer Switch (CTS). With MTS and ATS, you can make your home more comfortable during  brownouts. The type of transfer switch that would match up with your generator and/or renewable technology depends on their capacity and ampere ratings.

Normally, we use any of the three in a household setting. But for institutions with industrial setting, like power plants, the MEIJI Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is the appropriate one to use. An ATS, by the term itself is a system that automatically transfers your emergency power when normal power is unavailable and automatically transfers back to normal power when power returns. This type of Transfer Switch brings ease and security to you because you don’t need to turn on and off any power source by yourself.


Some home owners find it more convenient to use Meiji Contactor Transfer Switch (CTS). CTS is a transfer switch that brings the accessibility of utilizing the same feeder lines during emergency power, with a current-limiting device that can help you regulate the amount of energy to be given each specific load when the power runs out.

It has an automatic transfer switching which safeguards you and your home from overloading the generator with a current-limiting and automatic resetting of power at your pre-set time.

You can make your home safe and comfortable during a power outage and peacefully enjoy bonding time with the family. The same with corporations, they can work continuously without being interrupted by energy disconnection and other sudden electrical cut-offs. Remember that down-time costs double, you pay for regular work without producing anything.

Technology can really make people’s lives easier without harming the environment.

Thus, Meiji Electric responds to everyone’s needs as we all embrace its continuous development. With Meiji, go along freely with the flow of innovations on green energy.


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