Enhance Power Quality with Meiji AVRs

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Through the advancement of technologies and continuous upgrade of mechanical devices and appliances, it is recommended to associate them with the right kind of Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs)


As some of us know, AVRs have one purpose, and that is to maintain the voltage supply at a constant “range”. AVRs come in two main types: Servo-motor type and “step” type.
Servo-motor type AVRs has a coil of wire and a mechanical motor which rotates in the coil to keep the output voltage at a certain value. They are usually larger and heavier. These kinds of AVRs have power-on delays which result to a more accurate voltage output.
Step types AVRs are usually cheaper. They contain a set of relays or transistors which keeps the output voltage in a certain range of value. Example of the steps might be: 160-180, 180-200, 200-220, 220-240, and 240-260 volts. Each of these ranges is being controlled by a transistor or relay inside. So if you hear a click on a relay type AVR, it means it is switching from one voltage range to the next up or down range. It is not as accurate in voltage output.

So which is better?

Servo-motor type AVRs are better especially if you live in an area where the voltage fluctuates a lot. The more accurate voltage the AVR emits, the more protection it gives to your treasured appliances.

Meiji Electric offers you the best Servo-motor type AVRs!AVR 500

Meiji Servo-Motor AVRs

Using Meiji AVRs is the best solution in keeping the voltage supply at a constant range for your appliance, with or without voltage fluctuations or imbalance. Meiji AVRs are servo-motor type AVRs, designed to be distortion less and provide an accurate voltage output. From 500 to 10, 000 VA capacity, it can accommodate both low and high rated appliances. It saves your treasured appliances & processes from damaging effects of fluctuations. This way, you can focus on things that matter to you.

In addition, Meiji AVRs have a converter, from 220V to 110V for 110V-appliances like those which are imported. Now, you don’t have to buy a separate transformer for them.


So what are you waiting for?  Contact us today and see how we can help you enhance your power quality and save power consumption as well!



10 responses to “Enhance Power Quality with Meiji AVRs”

  1. Erwin Ng says:

    What rating of fuse do I need for my Meiji SVC-500 avr? Thanks!

  2. jer says:

    Magkano po yung avr na 1500w..?

  3. Rhen says:

    How much is the AVR 1500 & 2000 watts respectively?

  4. Michael Umandal says:

    What AVR is recommended for a 1HP Inverter Window type Aircon (Condura)?
    A technician told us that the voltage in our house is 240V+, so they recommended to use an AVR. Or is it okay just to use a Voltage protector?

  5. Jonathan Sun says:

    I bought an SVC-1000w about 2 years ago. Recently, I’ve noticed that I’m not able to turn the thing off. The switch is stuck on the “On” mode and the switch wont make a click when I push it down to turn it off. I now have to manually unplug the thing from the socket to turn it off. Any suggestions how I can fix this?

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