4 Electrical Appliances to Make Your Life More Comfortable

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Among the most essential items in homes in the Philippines are various wiring devices. If you think about it, these things that seem so ordinary and so unnecessary can actually make such a huge impact in our lives. Without them, it would take us twice the time to clean our homes or for the kids, twice as long to do their homework. As they say, you never know how important something is until it’s no longer there when you need it!

Don’t worry; you can get all your essentials at Meiji. As for your checklist, here are a few electrical devices we suggest every home must have to make everything a little bit easier for you and your family.

Computer (and Internet)


While it’s true our ancestors managed to survive without the internet, it would be foolish to deny it has provided us with so much convenience nowadays. For example, kids don’t need to go to the national library to get information for their assignments— with just a few keystrokes and clicks, they are able to get the data needed online. No need to wait for your relative’s next visit to see them; with the internet, we can see and have conversations with our loved ones from across the globe.

This isn’t to say that there are no downsides to the computer and internet, but if used properly (and we understand the limitations, such as we shouldn’t diagnose our health conditions via Google) they are actually extremely useful in our everyday lives. So why waste the opportunity? You can get either a laptop or desktop (or even both), depending on your preferences, needs, and budget. The computer is also multi-functional; you no longer need a television or CD player like in the old days, because the CD/DVD player is often built-in the computer. Now, you can watch shows and movies online like on Netflix or YouTube!

Air Conditioner

remote control and air conditioner

Admittedly, an air conditioner seems like a bit of a luxury. This is especially considering its effects on the monthly electrical bill. However, with today’s climate, it is an essential in order to be comfortable! An air conditioner is especially needed during the summer, when temperatures can rise up to 36.4 degrees Celsius! Don’t worry, you can still have an air conditioner and find ways to minimize the electricity bill without having to sacrifice your comfort.

Washing Machine


Most of us don’t have the luxury of having house help, so we’ll have to do all of our laundry ourselves. However, having enough time to wash all our clothes by hand is also hard to accomplish, not to mention exhausting and can really damage our hands! The best thing to do would be to get a washing machine. This can dramatically cut down the effort and the time used up in doing the laundry, leaving more time to do your other chores or relax.



A refrigerator is super important not just for food storage but also for keeping them from spoiling. Thanks to refrigerators, we no longer have to use salt and ice as natural preservatives like the Neanderthals did. Even a compact refrigerator is enough to keep cool drinks and other items that can’t be left out in the heat like butter, ice cream, and yogurt!

These are a few of the most helpful electrical appliances in a home. Make sure yours is always in tip-top shape!

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